How to Choose Marketing Photos to Promote Your Website

For at least ten years, we’ve known that at least 65% of people prefer to engage with businesses that use images on their websites. 

So, in today’s times where online marketing’s fast becoming the major way to showcase your business, great images are more important than ever before.

Here’s how to make sure your marketing photos are drawing customers in and not driving them away.

Images for Marketing Must Uphold Your Brand 

It’s tempting to choose images because they’re cool or pretty, but that isn’t the purpose of photos for marketing. All your marketing images should have a look and feel that’s consistent with your brand.

Every image you choose must have relevance and resonate with your target audience. Think about what reaction you want to get from using the image.

It’s a good idea to ask some of your customers or family and friends if they think the image serves your aims.

Marketing Photos Should Play By the Rules

Choose decluttered, clean images captured in line with the ‘rule of thirds’. This means that if you imagine a 9×9 square grid over your photo, the main features should fall along the lines or intersections of this grid.

People’s eyes naturally move toward these imaginary intersection points, so if you want to get your message across, place it in these strategic spots.

Most stock images will follow these guidelines, but if you’re taking your own snaps, you should bear this in mind. That’s one reason to use stock photographs, another one is the cost.

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Free images needn’t be boring images. An online search will reveal some websites offering high-quality stock images that don’t cost you a cent. 

Choose the Right Types of Images

Consider the images carefully in line with your digital marketing campaign. There are three main types of images to choose from depending on what you want to portray:


These kinds of images simply illustrate something concrete such as a car. Most marketers use these in their product catalogs.


Conceptual images imply something about the product. For instance, you could use imagery to convey that your car has low fuel consumption. To get the point across you could photograph it driving past a fuel station without stopping. 


Aspirational photos appeal to something that people desire. A photograph of the car driven by a wealthy businessman is a type of aspirational image. 

Keep Tabs on the Competition

Rival brands are a great source of inspiration. Avoid copying them too closely though or you could end up in trouble. 

Researching your competitors can give you ideas on the type of images that work for your target market as well as how they subtly incorporate branding into their images.

Checking out the most successful brands in your industry’s a great way to stay on top of current trends too.

Constantly Refine Your Marketing Game

Photographic trends aren’t the only ones to watch nowadays. Image-rich social media platforms are another place to keep up with what’s hot in the world of marketing photos.

Thanks to Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, you can research a host of image-related tactics that will showcase your products and services in the best light. 

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