How To Destroy Writer’s Block And Write Quality Posts Easily

We all experience it. We don’t like it. But we can’t run away from it.

Writer’s block – the only obstacle that stops writers from creating quality contents when they want it. But it doesn’t have to be like that. All you need to get rid of this plight is to DECIDE. I believe decision is the ‘panda’ that can challenge your writing and make you better.

As a blogger, we consistently need fresh contents on our blog. Unique and valuable resources that can help target audience achieve a specific goal.

3 Simple Ways How To Destroy Writer’s Block and Write Quality Posts

How can you do this if your head is blank? But don’t worry, I’ve got 3 simple steps to beat writer’s block and give you an edge in this blogging industry. Are you ready for it? All right, here we go:

1. Focus On One Idea
The best way to start creating top notch blog posts without getting sabotaged by writer’s block is to ‘focus on one idea.’ By this, I mean you should discard multiple ideas and topics flowing into your mind. You might have money making ideas on your mind, focus on one and run with it. The internet is an information portal, and so, we are exposed to diverse information. When creating a post for your blog, don’t digress from the main topic. In your mind, visualize how readers would gulp your article.

When one idea dominates your mind, nothing can stop you from writing about it. Not even so-called writer’s block. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing a guest post for other blog, or a post to feature on your blog. Target one idea at a time and explore it. This alone can beat any nonsense blockage in your writing path.

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2. Create Highlights First
Staring at a blank page can be scary. How would you write the headline? What should go inside the article and subheadings? These and other related questions usually take away our focus when writing blog posts. All you’ve to do is make outline – jot down points to cover.

Subheading and bullet points are integral parts of creating good and readable blog posts. Before you start writing, make a to-do-list of what would be covered. This strategy not only helps to beat writer’s block, it can assist the writer to produce extensive content.

When you stare at the screen, it can scare the hell out of your writing-guts. It’s not a good strategy to look at the screen without having a map to guide you. Don’t just write blog posts from your head; research the topic to know the pros and cons. Then, weave the ideas and important information into your article.

3. Read Like A Maniac
I read like a maniac, you should too!

Reading is the best medicine to the soul. If you’re serious with writing and building a career out of it, give yourself wholly to reading. Make a list of great blogs where you can read. Read like you mean it. Read from your heart.

Avoid distractions while reading. See reading as a part of your business tasks – truth be told, anyone who doesn’t read is still backward and stagnant. I wonder how they can trounce competition in this ever-changing internet world.

Reading exposes you to an unknown world of creativity. I’ve been able to produce excellent contents since I started writing. I contribute insightful articles at A-list blogs and recently, SocialMediaToday published my post. I wouldn’t have achieved this feat if I was alien to reading.

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Be disciplined to read wide and quietly. That’s the only way to pick up rare writing gems to improve your career. All freelance writers should spend quality time reading. And bloggers must READ. Writer’s block is a spirit and when you begin to read extensively, the spirit will disappear – give it a shot.

Over to you

How do you cure writer’s block in your blogging business? Have you ever experienced it and what was your response? Please share your opinion – below. See you at the top!

Guest Post by Michael Chibuzor :
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