How To Start A Blog To Promote Organic Supplements

Are you super passionate about the health industry?

Do you spend a lot of time reading and learning about organic supplements?

Then you have the knowledge to share with the world and an audience is waiting to join you.

Health and alternative medicine inquiries are some of the most popular on the internet. People are interested in new ways to take care of themselves.

Have you ever considered starting a blog?

If you have a love for health care and sharing your ideas with others it might be time.

There are some things to know before you get started.

Let’s review how to start a blog promoting organic supplements.

It’s All In a Name

In most cases, your domain name is the first touch point with your clients. It is the name they will use to search you and begin to understand the nature of your blog.

Choosing the correct domain name is often the first step to starting a blog.

Start by brainstorming name ideas that describe your brand clearly. Get a short list together of your favorite three.

If you are creating a unique URL you will need to search your domain name to be sure it’s not taken. Be prepared to come up with alternative options. Typically the more common the name, the more likely it is that it’s taken.


Who will be hosting your blog? There are many options now with different specialties.

The most famous are:

  • Wix
  • Blogger
  • Tumblr
  • Medium
  • Squarespace

Since you are a beginner in the blogging world you will want a platform that is user-friendly. However, the easy-to-use sites typically have the least room to expand.

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WordPress is generally seen as an ideal combination of ease and expansion.

Tracking Trends

Health and wellness as an online topic has grown substantially over the past decade. It’s important to become a voice of authority in your field of blogging. Take the time to think about what specific aspect intrigues you the most.

In this case, it’s organic supplements.

Within that subcategory, there are always smaller trends. Following trends and tracking trends will help you to gather traction with your relevant audience.

Here are some useful ways to increase your SEO and increase traffic to your supplements blog.

For example, the Ketogenic diet has become a huge trend. It encourages people to cut their carb intake and increase their fats. In fact “good fats” has become a huge online trend. Coconut oils, Ghee, seed oils, and grass-fed butter are an integral part to this health program.

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Organic Supplements Business

Starting a blog can be an intimidating process. But with patience and practice, you are sure to make great progress.

Surely you’re feeling more prepared now. Ready to start blogging and spread your knowledge about organic supplements?

You can make money blogging by talking about what you love. Pretty amazing stuff!

Time to get started, a world of potential readers await.