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Founded by well-known blogger, Lee Ka Hoong, BloggingWP.com shares and expands upon what he learned through his blogging experience to help others earn money blogging.

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Message from Lee:

The Author – Lee Ka Hoong

In reality, there are many people who don’t believe that we could make money from the internet, “internet is fake and not a real world”, this was what I used to think before starting my blogging business, this statement had been destroyed when I made my first $100 from the internet a couple years ago. Therefore, this blog is dedicated for anyone who wants to create a blog and build it to what you want it to be, I’ll be covering Blogging Tips, Search Engine Optimization Tips, Traffic Building, Brand Building, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media, etc. I have been building blogs for years and I can guide you to create a blog from scratch, it might not be the largest blog but at least you can make some money from your blog.

On the web, there is plenty of information that teaches you how to make money online, but often they want you to purchase their secret ebook or software to start making money online. It doesn’t make sense because no people will reveal how they make money online. They keep the secret for themselves and sell you some general information which we could get from Mr.Google. Remember, NEVER purchase any secrets or guidelines ebook that teach you how to make money online. It is like throwing your money to the sea and you get nothing.

I’m here to help you create and build a profitable blog which will help you earn money online.