Blogging Best Practices: Tips and Tricks of the Trade

Blogs are a big base of knowledge. Nearly two-thirds of American college students say they read blogs for educational purposes. This number accounts for only a fraction of the readership of blogs. 

If you want to make money doing something that you love, you should learn how to write a blog. But blogging tips mean putting in a little more effort than you might think. 

What is the best way to become successful through blogging? How can you distinguish your blog from your millions of competitors? What techniques can you use to put your blog on top of search engines? 

Answer these questions and you can master how to start a blog and make money in no time. Here is your quick guide. 

Hone Your Talent 

Many people assume that they know how to make money blogging. In reality, very few people make any money from their blog, let alone enough to make a living. 

The only way you can become successful is by putting in your hours. Write a little bit every day. Read blog posts, books, and other materials so you can educate yourself on key issues and writing styles. 

Throw out different kinds of content on your blog. You may succeed in writing top-ten lists, or you may be better at how-to guides. Publish a bunch of posts and see what you prefer to do. 

Break From the Pack 

The greatest resource that you have is your own voice. It’s something that no one else can make a claim toward. 

Talk about your interests, life story, and perspective on your blog. You don’t have to make any claim of objectivity. Focus on your perspective, which you can back up with rhetoric and good research points. 

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Try to talk about things that no one else is talking about. If you want to write about climate change, write about natural disasters that were not publicized. Talk about the impact of climate change on disenfranchised people, like Indigenous communities. 

Integrate SEO Techniques Into Your Content 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a system of methods that helps blog writers publicize their content. When a user types in a search term into a search engine, the engine uses algorithms to rank different results. It looks for the term itself, but it also assesses the quality and readability of various pages. 

Start by putting in the keywords and search terms that people type into Google. Then cut the size of your paragraphs and sentences down. The shorter they are, the easier it is for a viewer to skim your content. 

Spend a little bit of time making your blog look nice. Black text on white background may be a little bland, but it makes for skimmable articles. Turn to a service like to help with your page design. 

Your Essential Blogging Tips

Blogging tips are simple yet profound. You must spend a long period of time developing your voice as a writer. Read a lot and write a lot until you develop a unique style. 

Match your style to your voice. Your perspective is your best asset because no one else has it. Engage in subjects that others shy away from. 

Mix some SEO language into your content. Throw in some keywords and write skimmable paragraphs. 

Start with tips, then learn some strategies. Find out about writing strategies by following our coverage. 

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