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HostGator Web Hosting

Hostgator Coupon CodeHostgator is a leading web hosting company on the internet, it is a web hosting service company which was established in Houston, Texas in year 2002. Hostgator is one of the top leading web hosting service companies in the world who hosted over 7 million domains on shared and reseller accounts. HostGator offers web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers and etc.

I’ve been using Hostgator for all of my micro niche blogs and websites for years, I just can’t deny what they provided and supported all the while. Hostgator is a competitive web hosting company on the internet with its’ competitive pricing and there are a lot of Hostgator Coupon Code on the web.

8 Reasons Why Choose Hostgator?

1. Easy control panel

You can manage your website easily without any problem with the easy-navigating control panel. You don’t have to pay anyone to manage your website and control panel.

2. 99.9% Uptime

Your website wouldn’t down or inaccessible with the 99.9% uptime promise from Hostgator. It is very important for internet marketers who sell things online or manage online store, downtime would make loss to them.

3. Unlimited Bandwidth

This is why I chose Hostgator because they provide unlimited bandwidth. This means your website able to transfer unlimited data. Your website will be presented and accessed by the public at high speed with minimal or no lag time.

4. 24/7 Responsive Technical Support

I’ve been dealing with their technical support for various time, no issue at all. Hostgator provides 24 hours for 7 days of responsive, helpful and responsible technical support, they provide LIVE support which resolve any inquiries relate to web hosting.

5. Free Website Templates

Hostgator offer over 4,500 templates for your website, it is FREE for download. You can simply pick the right website template which represents your website topic.

6. 45 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with their services and supports, you can ask for refund within 45 days with no questions asked! I can assure you that this is rarely happened!

7. Unlimited Email Addresses

Hostgator offer unlimited email address and allow you to create a professional look-alike email address which contains your own domain name, i.e. [email protected]

8. Simple Website Setup
Hostgator has a feature under control panel called “Fantastico” which allows you to setup your website in seconds. It is a very simple and powerful feature provided by Hostgator.

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