5 Ways How To Branding Your Blog

Branding a blog is like how you branding your offline product, says if you develop a toys for kid, you name it as “Super Rex”, so you want to build a strong brand in the market, you design an awesome logo, distribute flyers, advertise on newspaper, advertise on BillBoard (if you have budget), you tell everyone about your product, etc, all you do is to build a strong brand for your product.

It goes same to building a brand for your blog, you need to do various promotion and let people know about your blog. However, telling people about your blog is not enough, you need to show people what’s your expertise and how you can really achieve it. For example, if you tell people that you make money online from your blog, then you need to really proof them how much you make and how you do it, you need to show them solid concrete proof such as screenshot of your earning source account, then you need to teach them step by step how to get started and what to do throughout the process.

5 Ways How To Branding Your Blog

Creating a blog is easy, but branding a blog is difficult, it takes times and effort. There are various ways to build a solid and strong brand for your blog, no shortcut for these, no free lunch, you need to be patience and working hard to achieve success. Here is 5 ways how you can build a brand for your blog:

1) Guest Blogging
Guest blogging is the best way to build a strong brand for your blog if you know how to write unique and quality content, if you’re a native English writer then probably you might be able to get many people to like your blog. Guest blogging in others blog would help a lot in branding your blog, especially established blog in similar niche which has regular readers. What you should do now is writing several killer blog posts and submit to several niche blogs in the same niche for approval.

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2) Blog Commenting
You need to be clever and play safe if you want to build a brand for your blog by using blog commenting, you need to really read the full blog post and know what it discusses and expresses, then it’s your turn to leave a valuable and genuine comment on the blog post. You can either give your opinion, criticize the writer for what he wrote in the post (if you think you’re right and you want to take the risk, sometimes people might respect you because you really give a genuine comment), share your experience, etc.

You need to make sure that your comment might not be one liner or two, you need to at least write a little longer comment, says at least 2-3 liners. Showing your expertise and knowledge in the comment, that would really help in branding yourself and your blog.

3) Blog Theme
Blog theme is the first element that your visitors will see when they first step in your blog, you need an unique and good looking blog theme for your blog. If you check out some other bloggers like Darren Rowse, Daniel Scocco, John Chow, etc, they have their own unique blog theme, they should be spending some money and hiring a design to create it for them. This blog is using ThesisTheme, an awesome wordpress blog theme with SEO optimized framework, if the price is not for you, ElegantThemes and ThemeForest should be affordable for you.

4) Domain Name
Domain name plays an important role in branding your blog too, it’s complicated to brand a blog with a lousy domain name. It’s better if you could acquire a domain name with one word or two, says you want to create a movie niche blog, so you should be getting a domain name like “Movie Hall”, “Movie Heaven”, etc, but not something like “The Best Movie Blog” or “Best Hollywood Movie Blog”, try to keep it as short as possible and keep it as brandable as possible.

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5) Blog Content
It’s the most important factor that would affect your blog, you either make it a failure or success. Blog content is what your visitors want from you on your blog, people visit your blog because they’re looking for some informative articles from your blog, so what make people to like your blog is your content. You don’t have to be a perfect writer, as long as you have unique and useful information that would help people to solve their problems.

Wrap Up

Building a strong brand for your blog is complicated, everyone wants to climb up and stand out from the crowd, you need to be unique and knowing how to show off yourself in genuine way, especially in the same niche.

How you build a brand for your blog and you think it’s effective?

Image Credit : Dances With Light