5 Website Design Tips to Create a New Site for Your Business

There are over one billion websites on the internet and almost 200 million of them are active! They aren’t all your competition, but it’s likely you’re competing with at least thousands of other websites.

How’s a business to stand out? 

Great website design! Are you building a new website? Wondering how it works?

Keep reading for five website design tips that’ll help you stand out from the crowd. 

1. Choose a Smart Domain Name

While the domain name isn’t part of the design, it has a huge impact on your website. The domain name is the part of your website address that people type into the browser bar to get to your site. 

If possible, use your own business name, so your web address looks like this: www.yourbusinessname.com. If your business name isn’t available, think of something clever that helps people remember your business. 

2. Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

This may seem counterintuitive, but trying something bold and new isn’t always the best idea. People know how to navigate the web. If you throw something new at them, they might not stay on your page. 

Identify your business goals and work from there. Include standard elements that people expect from a business. That includes things like a contact page and FAQ. 

Familiarize yourself with a web design guide for the basics. Make navigation obvious and easy. If you’re selling something, make buying easy. 

3. Avoid Clutter

Think about the last time you landed on a cluttered home page and waited while ads, photos, and more loaded onto your screen. Did you stay on the site? Probably not. 

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A cluttered homepage is like difficult navigation, it drives users away from your website. You don’t want users leaving the site before it even has a chance to load.  

4. Stay On Brand

Your website is part of your brand, so it should be easily recognizable. Do you already have marketing materials you love? Borrow some graphic design tips for your website and stick with the same logo, theme, and colors. 

Make sure your brand is consistent across the entire site. Small things like font size and type make a difference. Keep these consistent as well.

5. Images 

People don’t come to your website to do lots of reading. Keep your text blocks small and use great images. Always get right to the point. 

If you’re using a blog, tell your audience a story and pepper it with images. More than half the population learns through seeing, making images crucial for your website. 

Do remember that too many images slow down your site’s loading time. It’s a delicate but important balance. 

Important Website Design Tips

Keep these important website design tips in mind when designing your next website. There’s a lot involved in a good website, so choose a domain name your clients can remember.

Don’t reinvent the wheel! Make sure you cover the basics with simple navigation and a clutter-free homepage. 

Stay on-brand with your font, color, style, and logo. Use enough images to capture attention but not so many that they bog down your site. 

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