A Quick Guide to Starting an Alcohol Recovery Blog

When you get sober from alcohol, you discover just how much time you spent drinking. All of a sudden, you have a lot of hours to fill in your day.

Starting an alcohol recovery blog can be a great way to spend that time. Regular posting can offer the structure and productivity essential to recovery. Plus, writing helps you process your thoughts and feelings in real time.

If you’re in early sobriety, starting a blog might seem like a big task. Where do you start?

Let us answer that question with this quick guide to starting an alcohol recovery blog. Keep reading to find out tips and guidance in this fun and therapeutic process.

Use Your Writing to Forge an Individual Path

Community is important to the process of recovery, but so is rediscovering your identity.

Learning how to be a person without the aid of substances can be scary. An alcohol recovery blog allows you to try out personas and beliefs from the comfort of your computer before unveiling yourself to the world.

Don’t be afraid to get personal, and don’t worry if your thoughts don’t conform to what you think an alcoholic in recovery is supposed to feel. You had enough peer pressure to drink. You don’t need peer pressure in sobriety.

You might even find that more people feel the way you do.

Use Your Alcohol Recovery Blog to Make Friends

If your posts are resonating with others in recovery, you’ll find a wonderful community of new friends who share your priorities.

Explore other blogs that focus on similar topics to the ones you cover. Reach out to the bloggers behind these posts. See if you can share insights or even guest blog for each other.

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The sense of camaraderie you’ll find from making these friends will go a long way to keeping your sober when you get the most discouraged.

Gain Support in Your Recovery From Your Friends and Family

Share your blog not just with those in recovery but with your friends and family as well. You need support from other addicts and alcoholics, to be sure. But you also need real-life supporters you can call on when things get really hairy.

By letting your loved ones see your journey, they can better help you in your times of need.

Get Writing!

There are so many benefits to creating an alcohol recovery blog. You can learn about yourself, build a community, and connect more deeply with your loved ones. We hope these tips guide you on your path to creating a blog that supports your sobriety.

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