BloggingWP Is A Dofollow Blog Now!

I officially announce that BloggingWP is a Dofollow Blog now! With that said, all of the outgoing links will be in dofollow attribute. If you left a comment on this blog before, you must be realized that there was no place for you to fill in your website URL to gain some backlink juice, it was because of the design error and the URL bar didn’t show up. Anyway, 90% of the design elements are in good condition and you shall be able to gain some backlink juice from now onward.

What Is Dofollow?

It’s simple, dofollow link is link that Google will follow when it crawls the site, it means that Google counts the dofollow link as one of your backlinks, and it helps to improve your search engine ranking for the keyword.

Most of the blogger use “nofollow” on their blogs to block all the outbound link, it avoids these outbound link to suck their link juice. It’s not the case, we should actually give credit to readers who contribute by leaving a genuine comment on a blog post, it’s a win-win situation.

What Is The Benefit Of Dofollow Link and How Can You Get Them On BloggingWP?

There are several benefits from dofollow link, the most essential benefits should be building up your brand and backlinks juice to improve search engine ranking.

It’s simple to get one way on BloggingWP, you can get an one way dofollow backlinks from one single post, or if you put some effort in leaving a genuine comment on every blog posts, then you’ll be getting one way dofollow backlinks from all the pages in this blog.

First one way dofollow backlink will be leaving a genuine comment on any blog post you like and fill in your URL in the blank field while commenting, you’ll get a DOFOLLOW one way backlinks from the comment itself.

blog commenting backlinks

Blog Commenting Backlinks

Second one way dofollow backlink will be leaving genuine comment as well, but you have to compete with other commentators by leaving many genuine comments to be the Top Commentator on this blog. You’ll get featured at the sidebar on every pages under the “Top Commentator” section for the month.

top commentator backlinks

Top Commentator Backlinks

What you have to do is just leave genuine comments on any blog post you like! Simple right?

Wrap Up

One way dofollow backlink is one of the best ways you can improve your search engine ranking and outrank your competitor. Besides, you have to be smart while doing blog commenting, no lousy comment will be accepted, for example “Great Post!”, “Nice Post!”, “Well said, keep going!”, most of the one liner comment will not be entertained. Therefore, don’t waste your time doing things that will not help your blog, bear in mind that leaving lousy comment will also ruin your brand and your blog as well.

Happy commenting and enjoy the one way dofollow backlink juice!

15 thoughts on “BloggingWP Is A Dofollow Blog Now!”

  1. This is a nice step you are taking as it will surely bring more participation to your blog. Have you done any research to see how this will affect your site’s search engine ranking?

    1. @Yeremi,
      Yes, I believe that most of the bloggers would be afraid with the dofollow attribute, but I personally think that this won’t be affecting much on the search engine ranking if you moderate each comment carefully. I used dofollow tag for my previous blog for years and I don’t see any drop on the ranking though, it may be a win-win situation for you and your readers as they contribute genuine comment on your blog, just like you Yeremi!

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. 🙂

        1. @Dany,
          I’ve been using dofollow for all my blogs, I don’t see any effect to the search engine ranking, all of them are still ranking well and receiving decent traffic.

  2. Hi, Lee:
    Glad to hear of the do follow comment feature. Nice! Love the design of your blog too, did you design it yourself?

  3. I always make comments in dofollow blogs using my Keywords as name, even so I know better than anyone else how important is not to SPAM on a blog, specially because I’m a blogger too, so I don’t include links on the message field, neither I make any kind of ad. Only Comments related to the content. Thxs a lot, mate.

  4. Hi lee,
    Just found yr blog. U provide invaluable insights. For local seo how would go about blogging? Bc yr potential readers are not world-wide, itll be more difficult to engage them.

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