How To Be Guarantee Successful In Blogging?

How to be guarantee successful in blogging? I believe that this question had been asked for thousand times, but no one could finds out the exact answer. The answer is simple, 3 steps could bring you to guarantee success in blogging, you just to be Patience, Keep Writing and Don’t Quit.

This 3 steps are applied to any bloggers in any niches, I’ve been in the blogosphere for 4 years since 2008, I’d read tonnes of blog in this 4 years, of course I did stop reading some blogs for some reason. Recently, I visited again those blogs which I stopped reading last time, I found that most of the blogs have been stopped updating or the blog was closed down. Even though blogs with good traffic and pagerank in the past, they are no longer exist now or inactive for a long period.

You Overtake Bloggers Who Quit In Your Niche

It’s somehow good to see blogs in your niche shut down or inactive, it doesn’t mean the niche is dead, it could be personal reason, it’s good for you because it mean that your competitor is down and you can be top blogger in your niche, you simply overtake them without doing anything.

There are also some blogs in my niche are still exist and still growing until today, therefore I conclude that it’s easy to be success in blogging as long as you keep writing and be patience, the most important thing is that you don’t quit blogging no matter what.

It applies to all the niches in blogging, for example blogging niche blog, technology blog, photography blog, entertainment blog, fishing blog, food blog, cooking recipe blog, construction blog, and so on, the principle is that you don’t quit and success is just in front of you.

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We’re human being, I would say that most of the human are impatient, they just can’t wait to see the result after they do something. Blogging is about patience, it needs consistent hard work to keep it growing, you can’t get your blog to be successful overnight.

Set An Easy Goal To Achieve

We have to keep our mind fresh all the time and set a target for ourselves, says I need to increase my blog traffic by 100 unique visitors per day within 3 months, or I will hit my pagerank to PR3 from PR0 in the next Google Pagerank updates, or I’ll boost the search engine ranking for my keyword “how to blog” to top 10 within 3 months. These could actually push us to work harder to achieve the goal, once you achieve the goal and you will set another goal and keep going.

Nevertheless, failure could bring us down too, says I set all these target but no one is achieved, what’s wrong with me?! One thing is that never set a complicated target in first run, set lower target and you have space for improvement for next one. Self-motivation can be important too, sometimes we have to award ourselves with something once we achieve certain goal, it’s just to motivate ourselves and keep ourselves moving further.

Be Patience and Don’t Quit

Most of the people quit because they just can’t achieve anything in blogging, perhaps they quit because they don’t see any improvement on their blog in just a week or a month, there I said patience is very important. Some bloggers quit even their blogs grow well, it might be they lose interest in blogging, or they don’t earn money from blogging even the blog drives constant traffic.

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If you want to be guarantee successful in blogging in your niche, just be Patience, Keep Writing and DON’T QUIT! Success is for people who stay until the end, and it could be YOU!

How do you motivate yourself in blogging?