Social Media Icons And Impact On Affiliate Conversions

Social media has not just changed the way we socialize and connect with people, it also influences the way we buy. Yes! There are so many people who never clicked on the search engine advertisement or banner add on a website, but now they are open to buying when endorsed by social media site like Facebook and twitter. Why does that happen? Here’s a quick analysis.

How do Facebook and Twitter influence a buyer to indulge in affiliate buying?

Facebook is a place where people spend most of their time. This is that niche on the web where they like to talk, share thoughts, share opinions, interact, discuss things they want to buy or invest in and loads more.

In other words, they trust facebook with their life, details and consequently, their money.

The same goes with Twitter. Twitter doesn’t have only people you know. It has people you find interesting, people you follow and others who are opinion holders? The opinion holders can be veteran technology people who have opinions on gadgets, devices and various things. They simply share their opinion and influence buying and purchasing.

Seeing a product with the symbol or symbol and highlighting the number of likes, tweets or purchases, endorses that others rest their trust in the product. And hence, when people know that real people?are buying, they step forward and make their purchase.

How do Facebook and Twitter discourage a buyer from affiliate buying?

While there are plus points of having your social media icon beside your product and a widget describing everything about your sales, there’s also a negative side; the situation where the user does not make the purchase on your affiliate site. There are two ways this could happen:

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1. A product which hasn’t become too popular

The first aspect is when your product is not very popular. It hasn’t picked up so well. You launched it, but it still does not have that many likes and tweet mentions of purchase. A prospective buyer visiting such a page, has the tendency to create a subconscious perception of the product NOT being worthy of buying. This is a negative aspect in situations when the product is actually good in quality!

2. A product which is for private use

People are fine with buying things online for personal use ?like hats and scarfs. However, when it comes to private use like inner garments, a marked hesitation is seen. People have reported to not liking their references to be shown on the social media sites. In such a situation, social media icons can dissuade purchase.

3. Negative reputation perception

And finally, competition can be strife, and sometimes ugly! Or on the other hand, people who don’t like your products, talk on social sites and create a negative impact. Unattended customers or poor customer care, in this day and age of social media, can certainly lead to negative influence and consequent drop in buying online.

As an Affiliate business person, what should your goal be?

As an affiliate business person, it’s your responsibility to build a blue print for your business.

  1. It is needed to understand and set goals for how you want to use social media
  2. Understand your target audience and their preferences. Your campaigns should be designed keeping them in mind and not just what is good.
  3. Concentrate on customer care through social media.
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Yes, social media is a platform where you can build your brand. If you really do want to influence them to buy online, you have to be there on the grass root levels in social media and make it happen!

Guest Post by Divya :
Divya is a renowned for work in the field of social media web development. She has worked with a leading crazyxhtml in the capacity of strategist as well as a SMO, SEO and Website Development expert.