5 Reasons Why Am I Not Reading Your Blog?

I love reading others’ blog, I visit more than 10 similar niche blogs a day, some of them are existing blogs in my bookmark folder, while some of them are new blogs in my list. However, I didn’t bookmark all the blogs I’ve read or visited, I only bookmarked blogs that I think are worth reading.

Recently I visited a blog for the first time, but I didn’t stay for long because the blog didn’t catch my interest for few reasons, so I think it’s important to remind myself and others not to repeat the same mistakes or you may drive your readers off your site.

5 Reasons Why Don’t I Read Your Blog?

There are a few reasons that I don’t continue reading the blog after I visit the blog for the first time. It doesn’t apply to everyone because everyone has their own perception, so these would be my own reasons and I believe that most of the people should be having the same reasons with mine.

1. Blog Design / Structure
Design or structure is the first thing that visitors will look when they first land to your blog, it plays an important role to keep your first time visitor to explore your blog and see whether they can find any interesting article for them to read further.

First, your design must be in good looking with neat and clean layout. Your visitor at least will look around for awhile before they click on article they’re interested to read. You are to ensure that your blog is easy to navigate.

2. Relevancy of Content
Content is very important after blog design, if your design is good and your visitors feel comfortable to stay on, then they will explore your article. You should always write relevant blog post to your niche, for example if your blog is writing about food review, then you shall write more about food you have eaten before, but not writing about latest technology.

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Keep your blog post as relevant with your niche as possible, your visitors will panic if they find something different from what they expect to read.

3. Not Up-to-date
You should always keep your blog up-to-date, meaning that you should update your blog with fresh and useful content from time to time, stop writing for your blog for some days may drive off your readers. You shall update your blog constantly, says 3 days a post would be good. You have to at least show your readers that you’re not leaving your blog, and nobody likes to read out-dated article if your blog is writing about latest technology.

4. About Page / Owner’s Photo
Your first time visitors might want to know whose blog they’re reading right now, so “About” page and owner’s photo play an important role. Everytime I visit a blog, I’ll read through the “About” page and get to know more about the owner, it’s better if the owner has a photo of himself/herself, it will give me a feel that the blog owner is very serious with his/her blog, and at least I feel that the blog owner is writing for the readers and is ready to communicate with the readers.

5. Excessive of Advertisement
Never ever place excessive of advertisements into your site, it can be related to the design and structure of your blog, adequate number of advertisement is good for your blog, and you are to blend it naturally into your blog. If your visitors land to your blog and find that you have tons of advertisement around your blog, then they may think that you love making money more than writing quality content for them.

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Wrap Up

You have to show your readers that you’re real person and you’re serious to blogging, you have to give them a feel that you’re ready to interact with them and share experience. These are important points to turn your first time visitor to become loyal reader, few simple steps could make a big difference and lead your blog toward success.

Have you done any blogging mistakes stated above? Besides these, any other reasons that could make you not to read others’ blog?

3 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Am I Not Reading Your Blog?”

  1. Hey Lee, you have some really good points there. I think the point about not updating your blog often enough is definitely a big one. I know some blogs that aren’t updated more than once a month. If someone isn’t more committed to writing their blog than I would be to read it, then that will be a major problem. Thanks for the information on the About page too. That is something I am going to need to do differently lol. It’s good to hear why other people don’t stick around, because it gives all of us an idea what we need to do to lower our bounce rate and improve conversions.

    1. @Kalen,
      Great to see you here Kalen! I believe that you should need a “About” page on your blog, people like to know more about your personality and your personal life if they like your article, it’s a fact. Readers will be more likely to know how this guy can do this with only 2 hours per day after his day job? So you shall tell your readers that what’s your day job and roughly explain what’s your daily routine and so on. In fact, I would be interested to read yours too. lol!

  2. Good work here Lee. As you stated here, the first thing that really capture your readers mind is the style, aesthetic, and structure of your blog. If you blog is not that beautiful, the reader may leave before reading the contents. Then you need to have good and adequate contents in your blog.
    I really enjoy reading your post

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