Blogging for Impact

Have you ever just not felt like writing at all? You do not have any idea what to write about or even why you should keep writing. Everything you write seems pointless and like no one is really listening or caring about what you write. How can you make readers care? How can you get feedback on your writing? How can you know that your writing has made an impact on people’s lives? Well, here are a few ideas that might help you out:

1. Open comments
The first step you should do if you want to see if your blog is making an impact on people’s lives is to open the comment section of your blog. If you never allow readers to comment then how do you know what they like or dislike or what grabs their attention? I know that many bloggers are fearful of comments because of the spam and hacking dangers, but I think it is well worth the risk to find out more about the impact you are having on your readers. Also there are many plugins and applications that can help you to fight spammers and hackers and still let valid comments in. You can even open your blog up to Facebook comments, which helps to promote your blog on social media as well.

2. Have a like button
Another great way of finding out if readers like what you write is adding a like button to your blog posts. Many readers do not seem to have the time to comment or sign in, but they do have the time to click the like button. All it takes is a simple addition of a like button for you to see how many people are really reading and responding to your blog posts.

3. Find out what people want to read
Another great way to make a real impact on readers is to do some research. There are many online applications, some that are free, that let you look up popular keywords or searched phrases in your blog’s niche topic. If you write your blog posts based on what people are searching for then you have a greater chance of them finding your blog posts and reading them. The only way to make a real impact is to get reader’s attention first or how else will you be successful?

4. Be controversial
Another way to get readers involved in your blog is to be controversial. You can talk about hot topics like religion, law, and politics. Anything that people have strong opinions about can make a great blog post topic that will get a lot of comments. However you should be prepared for people not to like what you said as well. Not everyone will agree with your point of view, which is why it is called controversial. However if you feel strongly about a subject and are knowledgeable about it then feel free to create a blog post that might bring in some haters. You can handle it and then you know for sure your blog is making an impact on your readers.

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5. Keep it short
You know the old saying that the best gifts come in the smallest packages? Well the same thing is true of the blogging world. Your best idea for getting a high impact blog is to keep your blog posts on the short side. No one wants to read a big page of text, but many more people will stop and read a paragraph or two. You should also focus on your blog post layout. Make sure it is easy to scan and get the main ideas. If you can’t sum up your post in a sentence or two then it is too long. The best and most impactful blog posts cover only one topic at a time. If you have a lot to say then you can break it up into smaller posts. This also allows you more opportunities to have an impact because smaller posts are more frequent as well.

6. Ask questions
A great way to get readers involved in your blog is to ask a question or two at the end of your blog posts. This way readers will have incentive to give you feedback about what they read. When you find out what readers are thinking about you can tailor the blog posts to their tastes and make an even greater impact in their lives. You can also ask for reader’s opinions about hard topics and what they would like to read in your next blog post. You might be surprised at the number and variety of the responses you get.

7. Give quizzes or prizes
Another great way to get readers involved in your blog is to offer quizzes. Little polls can help you know what readers are interested in. maybe you have four ideas for your next blog post. Have reader vote on which one they want to read next, or submit their own idea. You can also offer prizes for ideas or comments. Many people will respond to incentives like that. The prize could be something small or even just a link to their blog. Whatever you decide to offer make sure it is something that your readers are interested in for the best effect.

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8. Love what you write
If you are not passionate about what you are writing then how can it have any real impact on your readers? You have to love what you write to have any hope of inspiring your readers. Make sure you love your blog topic and let your passion show in your blog posts. No one wants to read blog post written by a bored writer who is just killing time and getting something out there. If you do not feel like writing on that subject today then pick another one. No one is forcing you to stick to a certain topic.

9. Use images
Images are a great way to make a big impact on readers quickly. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. A good picture to accompany your blog post can really up the impact of your post and can also inspire readers to share the post on social media. Images grab reader’s attention and can even bring new readers in, spreading your impact. Try to go for photos that show the whole story and are clear and easy to see even at thumbnail size.

10. Be pertinent
Last but not least, make sure your blog posts are pertinent. Stay up with the latest news and concerns of your readers. If you are blogging about old news then the impact you have will be nil. Instead, keep up with the times and make sure you know all the latest twists and turns. You should also try for evergreen content. That is content that is not based just on one time only but can be used over and over again. Things like natural disasters are pertinent as they happen, but if you base your blog post on just one storm you will not be as effective as if you base it on storms in general. You have to bring together the pertinent with the lasting for the best impact and the longevity you want in a blog post.

Wrap Up

These are just a few of the ideas that bloggers can use to make their blog posts have more impact with their readers. You not only want to involve readers but you want to inspire them. Try to go for inspiring, uplifting, and vital articles that will really add something to reader’s lives. Your blog is an extension of you. Be proud of it and the impact that your blog makes on the world at large.