Top 5 Killer Mobile Applications

Mobile apps are the most widely used systems in the mobile industry today. This article offers a list of the best mobile apps today. It gives a brief description of all these applications and lets you know why you must download them.

Woof! I really never anticipated a world where virtually everything is being handled by mobile applications. I mean, look around you. I’ll tell you what, there’s this series called Sherlock, on BBC, I saw Moriarty (the antagonist) practically loot a bank with the help of an iPhone application.

Although I know that it is really far- fetched, but seriously, our dependence on mobile apps is absolutely undeniable. There is no way in which this situation can be reversed, you know. Not that we want to reverse it, but now, the way mobile apps are gaining control, the world has nothing to do but get into it more and more.

With so many smart phones spread out in the market today, there are a few apps that everyone should have. These apps include:

Amazon Kindle App

If ever there as a book lover, he’d know what I mean when I say that you just HAVE TO download this app. It is absolutely necessary! You cannot let this one stay in the app store. It is a must to download it the moment you get your hands on your phone.

The Amazon Kindle App is an application that allows you to read your kindle books from your Smartphone or any other tablet. This app is so amazing because it lets you carry a lot of books in a little gadget at one time.

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Also this app is extremely flexible and customizable. You can set your own fonts and backdrop colours between black and white or Sepia to adjust with your reading. It is meant to specifically cater to the sensitivities in the Human eye.

FMR Memory Cleaner

Running out of precious memory is one tough thing to deal with. More and more people find it impossible to hold on to their favorite apps while downloading new ones because the space is just not sufficient.

This application enables you to clean your cache from the apps that you have been using. The FMR memory cleaner will allow you to use your favorite apps at the same time maintain a lot of space in your device by regularly clearing the Cache.

Angry Birds

Now who hasn’t heard of this app? This is a fantastic little game where angry chicken avenge the death (or kidnapping) of their eggs by dirty green pigs. I totally love this application. If ever there was a procrastination application, this one was it for sure.

If you are worried that you will play this game and the levels will get over so the novelty will wear off, well, become aware, that there are so many levels in this game that you will never run out of it. Also there are too many different versions that you can play as well.


Businessman? Well, here it is! This is an application by PayPal, which allows you to check your online balance with the click of a button. You can easily check your balance, send money, receive money and conduct any sort of transaction with it. This makes it very convenient to use on the go.

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Shopping, is it? Or would you like to sell something? Well how about you sell your old furniture while buying vegetables from the grocery store? Don’t think that’s possible? It is now, with the eBay application.

Wrap Up

Buy or sell anything on the go. You don’t have to wait to get to your desktop anymore. Simply go to the app store and download the eBay app. Now, you can conduct all your dealings right out of your handset. You must download this app to make life easier!