'Angry Birds Space' Hits 10 Million Downloads in 3 Days

You may be surprised to see an unrelated article as this blog usually write about blogging tips and tricks that teach you how to improve your blog performance, but this article will be relating to an iPhone’s game because I’m an iPhone user and this game is freaking hit in the market recently, therefore I give a hit to this game.

I pretty sure that you might heard about the game “Angry Birds” even you are not an Apple Product user, it’s freaking famous around the world now, you are not only seeing “Angry Birds” in gaming, you can also see “Angry Birds” in t-shirt, tupperware, school bags, balloons and etc, you can see the power of “Angry Birds”.

When it comes to gaming, Rovio, the developer behind “Angry Birds” had been released quite some versions of “Angry Birds” games such as original “Angry Birds”, “Angry Birds Rio” and “Angry Birds Seasons”.

Angry Birds Space – 4th Revision

Angry Birds Space

Recently Rovio gave “Angry Birds” another boost and launched “Angry Birds Space”, after the the day Rovio launched “Angry Birds Space”, he announced via Twitter that the application has reached 10 million downloads in less than 3 days!

10 million Angry Birds Space downloads in less than 3 days! Thanks to our fans, stay tuned for more!

The “Angry Birds” games is talking about the revenge of Angry Birds to Pigs, you’ll still play the same game in the latest “Angry Birds Space” as usual which is shooting pigs, the only difference is that you’re dealing with gravity from one planet to another, that would be more fun! Said Kotaku:

Angry Birds Space scraps some of the old rules.

Yes, you still play level by level. You still have a set number of birds—birds of different types—that you’ll slingshot at towers of blocks, hoping to squash some pigs.

But now you’re shooting your birds through space, from one planet to the next. Each planet has a gravitational field. Gone is the simplicity of just lobbing a bird in an arc. No. Welcome to the physics of the heavenly bodies. Shoot a bird into open space and it’ll fly off in a straight line. Shoot one toward another planet and it’ll get caught in its gravitational field and start orbiting the planet… or slowly descend as it encircles the planet to smash into the ground.

Download Paid Version of Angry Birds Space

Alright, the long story has been going into an end, let’s talk about the download of Angry Birds Space. There are many ways you can download Angry Birds Space and play with your PC, MacBook, iPad, iPhone, Android phone, and etc, but most of them are paid version which you need to pay to play.

1. Angry Birds Space – Android Free Version

2. Angry Birds Space – $0.99 on Android

3. Angry Birds Space – Kindle Fire

4. Angry Birds Space – $0.99 on iOS for iPhone and iPad, requires iPhone 3GS and/or iOS 4.0 and above

5. Angry Birds Space HD – $2.99 on iPad only

6. Angry Birds Space – $4.99 on Mac

7. Angry Birds Space – $5.95 on PC

5 Steps to Download FREE Angry Birds Space On Mac and PC

There are many kinds of paid version for Angry Birds Space, of course we’re looking for some free stuff for such a popular games. Here are 5 simple steps where you can download free Angry Birds Space and play on your Mac or PC.

Step 1 : Download and install the free demo version of Angry Birds Space.

Step 2 : Visit this Youtube Video for the patch and Keygen / Activation key.

Step 3 : Open the patch file and patch your Angry Birds Space file. Go Angry Birds Space program file, double click on the icon (not folder) and it will be automatically patched.

Step 4 : Open the game and click activate full game, copy and paste the key which given by the person in Youtube.

Step 5 : Done and you can now enjoy free Angry Birds Space on your Mac or PC!

Additional Download Source : If you don’t prefer to download Angry Birds Space for free with the above tutorial, you can also download Angry Birds Space via Torrent, you can check out how to download Angry Birds Space for free through Google Search with the keyword “angry birds space pc torrent” (Google Search Result).

Angry Birds Space with Gravity

Angry Birds is an addicted game, you just can’t stop playing it once you’ve started. The latest version seems to be more difficult and more challenging, but you’ll have more fun playing challenging games. You can now start playing Angry Birds Space Full Version for FREE on your Mac or PC!

Have you played Angry Birds before? What are the devices that you’re using to play Angry Birds? iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, Mac, or PC?

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