Win $1050 Cash By Guest Posting Contest

Sushant Risodkar from SmartBloggerz is a 18 years old young blogger from India and he is a successful blogger and affiliate marketer, he is making thousands a month from affiliate product. Sushant is an awesome guy, I get to know him years ago. We both own a blog which has almost similar ranking in the past, but he was working pretty hard and outranked me to no where.

Sushant is holding another guest posting contest on his blog and the cash prize this time is going to be huge, it’s $1,050 at the moment and it will be increasing if there’s any new sponsors. It’s a very simple contest that anyone can take part, you just need to write an awesome guest post and comply with the guest posting requirement, and promote it to get as much points as you could and you will stand a chance to win some cash prize.

Point System

In order to win the contest, you’re required to gain as much point as you can, the higher points you gain, the higher chance to win the grand prize.

  • 10 Unique ReTweets (will be tracked using tweetmeme) = 50 Points
  • 10 Facebook Likes/Shares = 50 Points
  • 10 LinkedIn Shares = 50 Points
  • 10 StumbleUpon Likes/Shares = 50 Points
  • 10 Unique Comments/Commentators = 100 Points
  • 100 Unique PageViews (tracked using Google Analytics) = 50 Points

If you have a huge network or community, then it would be an advantage for you to win the contest.


SMARTBLOGGERZ – Main Sponsor ($750)

SmartBloggerz helps bloggers and affiliate marketers learn what it REALLY takes to make money online and be successful online just by implementing the tips that are shared regularly on the blog and to those who subscribed to the private newsletter.

ESTAVA MORIOKA – Gold Sponsor ($150)

Estava Morioka is the premier resource for the American Party Girl. Their online boutique offers Stylish, Inexpensive, and High Quality party dresses, cocktail dresses, sexy party dress and sexy club dresses.

THE BAD BLOGGER – Gold Sponsor ($150)

“The Bad Blogger” is a blogger who blogs about Internet Marketing, Copywriting and Blogging related Topics.

Don’t wait! Act now!

The contest will be ended at 15th September 2011, Sushant will only publish 1 guest post in a day, so you need to be fast to get an entry to the contest. I’m in for the contest too, I request you to support me by leaving a comment on the guest post or clicking any social media networks to help me gaining more points. If you’re joining the contest too, leaving a comment here with your guest post link, I’ll do you a favor as well.

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Do not wait until the end, you’ll lose the chance to gain points, join now!