Surf with GeoSurf and Improve Your Website

Over the recent years a number of tools have been developed which allows a person to surf the internet as a local user without being in that location. Geosurf is a product of BIScience company which provides Business Intelligence solutions. It is a tool that provides local access to more than 80 global locations including 20 high value US DMA’s. It has customers from all sectors of online media such as advertisers, publishers, affiliates etc. By installing the Geosurf tool bar one can access global destinations locally and keep control of the market scenario, analyze the customers, know about the potential competitors and the competition involved in the local scenario. This tool is of great help to people who do online business across the globe.

Why Geosurf?

Of all the available tools for surfing locally Geosurf is recommended by a number of customers because of its flexibility, easy to use nature, security, privacy, speed and economy.

1. Money Saver
Geosurf saves a large amount of money for its customers by allowing them to view the contents in accordance with the geographic location they want to be. It eliminates the need of traveling to a particular location in order to learn the market scenario of that location by staying there for a couple of days or weeks. Using Geosurf, the user can easily test, monitor, research and validate the plans that are to be executed in the target locations by just sitting in their work spot which might span across oceans.

2. Easy access
Geosurf provides VPN connection to its customers which make it easier to change the IP address to the one in the desired location. This availability of VPN makes it more user friendly. By using a direct connect API provided by Geosurf one can easily automate their data analysis.

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GeoSurf Toolbar

Geosurf toolbar works well with browsers like internet explorer, fire fox etc. For advanced browsers such as chrome Geosurf TM VPN can be used. They also connect to social networking sites such as facebook, twitter etc. without any hassles. The usage of Bandwidth Optimization Technology makes the local browsing faster.

3. Security and Privacy
The security provided by Geosurf is reliable because all the servers and networks of this system are supported by Tier 1 backbone data centres all over the world. The legal binding agreements ensure privacy. Geosurf also provides the required transparency. It doesn’t modify the ads placed in the websites in anyway.

4. Customer service
The customer service provided by Geosurf is also very good because of the committed account managers who are available to help round the clock. All their corporate staff are always accessible via facebook, twitter, Linked in, online chats, phones and emails.

The availability of Geosurf in 61 countries itself ensures the quality and quantity of service they provide.

Purchasing a Geosurf Plan or Trying For FREE!

Before purchasing Geosurf one can use the free trial that is provided for five days. They provide some fixed plans and a number of enterprise or flexible plans that can be modified according to the purchasers needs. Fixed plans are available in starter, basic and advanced level. The fixed plans have limited number of locations, limited number of users, limited bandwidth and limited number of customer service requests that can be placed. The enterprise plans can be tailored according to the customer’s needs and Enterprise plans customize the bandwidth they provide according to the needs. However they allow unlimited number of users. The price to purchase these plans is reasonable when compared to the excellent service they provide.

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GeoSurf Free Trial

With all these advantages round the clock, you can use the Geosurf tool to expand your business and increase its profits by sitting in a location and targeting business in a different geographical location.