Build Your Website In Minute With BaseKit

Over the recent years any business requires a website. This not only helps to promote their products, but also provide an avenue to earn world wide popularity. Basekit is one among the numerous websites in the world that helps to design and host websites for individuals or companies. This tool has been used and recommended by a number of CEO’s and CFO’s all over the world because of its flexible nature which allows a common man to develop an attractive website within a few hours. It also hosts the websites and helps a lot in maintaining them.

Basekit was formed in 2008 and it works with a goal – ‘Maximum Design. Minimum Time’. It does not require a tool that has to be downloaded and installed. The Basekit user can directly publish their website into the browser. This article reviews some of the available features in Basekit.

Why You Need BaseKit To Create Your Website?

1. Designing the website
Basekit has a bigger database of predesigned templates that would make the designing of website easier. Another interesting and unique feature is that it also allows any person without programming skills to design WebPages from the scratch using the custom software that is provided. This is done by using a photoshop format that is compatible with Basekit and uploading the same into the custom software which in turn will create an html website on the format designed. This is easier compared to the traditional method where one has to code and design.

Basekit - Free Website Template

Contents to the website can be added in various ways. However the drag and drop option that is available here makes it more simple and fast. Uploading contents is also done using the browser software which is hassle free compared to the usual File Transfer Protocol (FTP). In Basekit, there is neither a need to have technical skills nor a need to do coding in order to create a better professional website.

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2. Domain and Hosting
Using Basekit, it is easy to purchase a domain that is personal or map to an existing domain. If the purchased Basekit package includes premium support, then Basekit itself will map the various domains available. To make things easier, streamlined domain purchasing option is also available.

Another blessing that comes along with Basekit is the hosting service it provides. The websites are hosted using Amazon s3 service. This service provides assurance about the maintenance which is easy compared to any other hosting. It is not only secure and reliable but it can also handle any type of demand. Furthermore the bandwidth provided by Basekit is also amazing. Depending on the plan purchased, bandwidth ranging from 1 TB to unlimited is offered.

3. Managing the Website
Managing the website is fast and easy using Basekit. The website can be customized anytime and anywhere. As the Basekit sites are compliant with W3c XHTML it can be assessable using ipads, smart phones etc. It does not charge for basic changes that are done in the website. Working with forms is also easy in Basekit.

They provide live online support through chat from 9 AM to 5 PM GMT, Mondays through Fridays. In this, the websites purchased along with premium support facility obtain a higher priority. In all cases it is easy to report an issue and get it solved. They also assist in services such as configuring the site for email, e commerce etc. Another thing to be noted is the unavailability of telephonic support.

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Basekit packages are constructed with CSS and SEO friendly HTML which makes it easy to adapt to keywords both at the page and site level. The website can also be easily integrated with Google Analytics, which is the standard used for tracking.

4. Cost Factor
Basekit offers a variety of packages and discounts on purchase. The basic package is suitable for beginners and is quite cheaper to buy. However the pages, bandwidth and storage capacity are very less. The business package of Basekit is the widely used by many people. It can be used for e commerce application and has unlimited pages and bandwidth. But the storage in business package is limited to 5GB. Business package provides one free domain name in contrast to the premium package that offers five free domain names, unlimited pages, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage. For corporate people the premium package would be the better option because of the number of features.

Basekit - Pricing

With all these advanced features to design, host and maintain a website one can very well opt to purchase a Basekit package depending on his/her use.