6 SEO Mistakes to Avoid and 5 SEO Tips from Google

Google search engine is the largest search engine on the internet, most of the webmasters and bloggers are competing each other to get the highest rank for high searches keyword. Google rarely or never reveal their evaluation on search engine ranking, but Google will provide some guidelines for webmaster and bloggers to show them how to rank better in search engine.

Recently Google released a video explaining some SEO mistakes that you should avoid and SEO tips that you can follow to rank well in search engine. These tips might not be new but these are tips that Google is pressing all the time, so it might be good for you to refresh your mindset again about the pure SEO.

If your network is too slow to download the video, or you prefer to do reading, or you are out of time to watch 8 minutes video, here are the SEO Mistakes and SEO Tips extracted from the video.

6 SEO Mistakes to Avoid

1. Having no value proposition
Quality always beyond quantity, value of your site is what Google always takes into account when they rank a site, so you should ask yourself why your site should rank well in search engine and even better than your competition. Don’t ever waste time doing post without quality, it doesn’t help at all.

2. Segmented approach
While doing something for your site, be sure you align with your future goal, it does help your site moves faster and makes sense.

3. Time-consuming workarounds
No shortcut while doing SEO for your site, it takes times and effort. Quick ranking may cause you get out of the game quickly as well. Let Google crawl your site and your latest post naturally, it would rank better.

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4. Caught in SEO trends
Do not keep finding the latest SEO tricks to get you ranked better, do remember that providing quality content is the best SEO for your site. You should spend more time writing content which can help your readers and keep them in your site.

5. Slow iteration
Try not to keep thinking to get your site rank well in a short period, nothing comes in short period without effort. Keep improving the structure and the performance of your site, success will come in some days.

5 SEO Tips to Follow

1. Do something cool
Don’t afraid to do something cool and outstanding, give your site a booster and stand out from the competition. Try to do research and do something which your competition don’t do or do something better than them.

2. Include relevant words in your copy
Putting yourself in the shoes of searchers would be good and easy for you to rank for some keywords, try to throw yourself a few question and possibility that what keyword will your searchers will type to find you, always brain storm for the keyword and blend it into your site.

3. Be smart about your tags and site architecture
You should let Google and crawler know about what your site is about, creating unique and related title tags and meta descriptions would help you rank in relevant keywords as well. Site architecture is very important as this is what your visitors will see when they first visit your site, having good navigation and good internal links would help a lot.

4. Sign up for email forwarding in Webmaster Tools
You should always receive latest updates and news from Google, Google will notice you if you have done something wrong or anything wrong with your site, therefore you can follow the guidelines and rectify your site.

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5. Attract buzz
Google now takes vote from social networking into account while ranking a site, for example +1s, facebook likes, twitter follower, and so on. You shall always create interesting and useful articles, do remember to place some social bookmarking share button at the end of your article, so that your readers can share your article.

6. Stay fresh and relevant
When you fix a title or niche for your site, keep adding relevant content to your site, try not to write off-topic article which is totally out of topic. Besides, keep your site up-to-date, always update your blog with fresh and juicy content. Your regular readers and Google will stay away from your site when they find you didn’t update your blog for some days, therefore you should keep adding fresh and relevant content to your site from time to time.

Wrap Up

It’s actually easy to rank well in the Google search engine if you do the right thing in the right way, what Google wants is actually fresh and quality content, so that Google can provides the most relevant and useful content to the searchers. In overall, just keep following what Google wants and following the SEO guidelines, then you shall be able to rank well in the search engine and drive more organic traffic to your site.

Did you do any SEO mistakes as stated by Google?