5 Ways How To Get Blog Post Ideas

Getting a new blog post idea could be a nightmare for a writer, sometimes we have to squeeze our brain until we get a new blog post idea which is good and able to attract readers to read and leave a comment, but sometimes it’s just so easy to have blog post idea. In fact, many people think that it’s actually easy to get a blog post idea if you’re expert in your niche, but sometimes it’s not the case, human is still human, sometimes we may out of idea also even we’re good in our niche.

Sometimes we don’t have to brain-storming, there are actually many ways where we can get blog post ideas without squeezing our brain, blog post ideas are everywhere, either online or offline. Since we’re writing blog post online, so getting blog post ideas from online would be better.

5 Ways How To Get Blog Post Ideas

There various ways to get blog post ideas online, these 5 ways are the method that I think is easy to get blog post ideas from the internet.

1. Keyword Questions Tool from Wordtracker

Keyword Questions from Wordtracker

There is a tool called “Keyword Questions” developed by WordTracker, after you type single or short keyword in the blank space and hit search, it generates a list of keyword questions which had been asked by searchers on the web, there you’ll get bunch of blog post ideas which you can write. It’s a free tool, you can sign up and start using it.

2. Google Trends

Google Trends Result

Google Trend shows the latest trend from the web, you search your niche and Google will show the hottest topic which has been searched on Google over time which is related to your keyword, you can then write about topic which is shown in the result. Topic shown in Google Trends would be the topic that many people like to read, if you write about topic ideas from Google Trends, then you will expect to drive more traffic to your site.

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3. Google search

Google Search Result

Google search engine is the best search engine for people to search information they want, in fact Google Search has a feature which will show you some ideas when you type in the search bar. For example, you want to search “how to write blog for money?”, but when you type “how to write blog”, then it will generate some ideas in the search bar. Nothing complicated, simply search your keyword and you will get some blog post ideas.

4. Search your top keywords on Q&A Sites

Ask Search Result

Another way to get blog post ideas would be searching in Q&A sites, for example Ask.com. There are tons of people asking question in Q&A sites everyday, various questions in various niche. When you search your keywords in Ask.com, it will show a list of result and you will see “Related Questions” at the sidebar, you can see some related questions which had been asked by searchers, then you can write a blog post and answer the question.

5. Stumble Around The Social Networking Sites

Digg Search Result

This would be another way to get blog post ideas, there are many social bookmarking sites on the web, such as StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, Delicious and etc, you can visit one of them, search your keyword and you’ll get a list of blog post which had been shared by people, you can get some blog post ideas from there.

Wrap Up

It’s actually not complicated to get blog post ideas from the web, there are numerous way for you to do so, but that would be great if you can brain-storming some blog post ideas which have never been written or published by the bloggers or webmasters, then you can start building your community and get more people to stay on your blog for sharing and discussion. There are also some offline method that you can get blog post ideas, I’ll be writing about this next.

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How do you get your blog post ideas?