How I Make Money Online In Malaysia

Making money online is what most of the people want to do these days, it’s not an impossible mission anymore as what elder people said make money online is a scam! Today, young generation doesn’t think this way, make money online becomes popular for student these days.

Making money online can be global, it’s not that only people from certain country can do this, any people from any country can make money online, it’s either you want to do or don’t want to do. Making money online is crucial, many people know that it’s legitimate but they just refuse to do it, some may be lazy to start, some may not have the modal to get started, some may not have time to start, etc, these are the largest block for people to start making money online.

Anyhow, I feel surprise that there are actually many Malaysians don’t know about they can actually make money from the internet or make money from blogging, especially friends around me. Most of my friends don’t believe what I told them until I show them my Google Adsense payment check and Paypal transaction.

My Making Money Online History In Malaysia

I’m a Malaysian, I’ve been making money online in Malaysia for 4 years and I can guarantee that it’s not a scam as elder people said. When I first started blogging, my parents told me the same thing “It’s Scam! Don’t waste your time!”, my thought was to prove them that it was not the case, making money online is a legitimate way to make money on the internet.

In the first few months of blogging, I was not able to earn money because my blog was new and didn’t drive much traffic. I didn’t think too much and kept going, what was in my mind was that I must prove to my parents that making money online is a legitimate way to make money online. In the first year, I was to give up because I still didn’t earn much money from blogging, luckily I didn’t quit at the end and I started making money from my blog in second year. You can check out my post and see how I made my first $100 online. I didn’t earn thousands like other big guns on the internet, I’m only able to earn $500-$1000 per month but it’s enough to prove that making money online is not a scam.

After all, my parents didn’t say that making money online is a scam anymore, they shared this with their friends and also asked them to approach to me regarding make money online if they’re interested.

Beware of Fast Money Making Online Scheme

Making money online is worldwide and there are many ways to make money from the internet such as selling online product, selling banner ads, affiliate program, writing sponsored review / paid post, selling text link, pay per click program, and etc. The internet world is huge and it’s full of scam as well, you have to beware of these scam which will cause you to lose money.

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There is a scam that I think most of the people will be trapped, it’s what we call “Fast Money Making Online Scheme“, there are many ‘kind’ and ‘helpful’ people who are very passionate to teach you how to make money online fast with their scheme without any hard works, it’s truth that they will send you their tutorials and schemes but you have to pay for their research and effort. In fact, there’s no wrong that you pay and they give, it’s not illegal too, but the thing is that what they deliver is definitely not what they advertise on their page. If you’re following their schemes or tutorials, you may be another victim who wastes money and time doing these.

Why I’m saying these? Because I was one of the victims before I started blogging.

Money I paid for the so called “Fast Money Making Online Scheme” was little, but the time I spent on the tutorials was huge, time equal to money, but the time I spent didn’t generate money that I suppose to get. It was my past and I thanked the people who did this to me, and it was one of the reasons why I started blogging too.

How I Make Money Online In Malaysia?

The way I make money online in Malaysia is very simple, blogging. Nevertheless, the way you blogging would lead you to success or failure, therefore you need to know how to blog the right way and it could generates income for your effort.

You have to pay $100 for my tutorial, kindly send the payment via paypal to… I have to tell you that all the tutorials and tips are FOC, you don’t have to pay even a cent for these. There are thousands of tutorials and tips on the internet, don’t pay for these which teach you how to get rich fast, it doesn’t make sense at all.

Here I show you a general step by step how you can get started and make some money from blogging.

1. Pick Your Niche / Topic
It’s simple, ask yourself what is the things that you like and passionate, it could be your hobby or things you do everyday. You have to make sure that you like the topic and you can write about this topic non-stop, perhaps you can do some research on the internet to see if there is any reference website for you to refer.

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If you afraid about the growth potential of your topic, you can do keyword research with the free keyword tool from Google. As long as you pick a topic which you’re passionate, it’s a good start for your blogging journey.

2. Paid Web Hosting and Unique Domain
It’s a must if you’re really serious in making money online from blogging, a small investment or kick-start modal is needed. Many free web hosting are not reliable and you may lose your website without any reason, don’t take the risk if you’re serious in blogging.

Getting a web hosting will not cost you too much, I would recommend Hostgator as I’ve been using this for years and the performance is good, it costs you about $100 for a year depending on the plan which you take, a dime at a restaurant would cost you more than that.

3. Keep Writing
Once you’ve purchased your hosting and domain, you can setup your blog with WordPress platform by using the feature called “Fantastico” from Hostgator cpanel which creates your WordPress blog in seconds.

After you’ve setup your blog, you can now start writing article which is related to your topic. Remember that not to monetize your blog in the beginning until your blog has decent traffic in daily basis, excessive of advertisement could drive people off if you do the wrong way, and you won’t make money if your blog has low traffic, so do not place any advertisement on your blog until your blog drive decent traffic.

Once your blog generates decent traffic, says 100 visitors per day, you can start testing several advertisement such as Google Adsense, BuySellAds, and etc, you have to test each of them to see which one is working best for your blog.

Wrap Up

Making money online in Malaysia is pretty simple if you do the right way, there is no secret in making money online, you just have to follow the right steps and tutorials. If you still doubt of how to get started, you may follow my previous post which explained step by step how to create your blog from scratch.

Remember that don’t get trapped in the fast money making online scheme, most of them are scam, don’t waste your money and time following these schemes. Bear in mind that there is no free lunch in the world, all you have to do is work hard and be patience. You’ll be the next successful blogger in Malaysia!

Do you have a blog? Does your blog starts making money?

16 thoughts on “How I Make Money Online In Malaysia”

  1. Great post Lee, an awesome experimented post. The same things happened with me too when I had initially started my online money making career. I was being scammed by many fishy programs, but I never gave up, and then I discovered blogging. And now, I’m making over $1700 per month via blogging πŸ˜€ !

    1. @Priyangshu,
      Starting to learn about online stuff would be a nightmare as we may get scammed by people who intend to make some money from these, anyway it was a very good experience which push us to work harder. Bear in mind that there is no free lunch in this world, only hard work pays off.

      You have done a great job on your blogging business bro, keep in up!

    1. @Jasmine,
      It’s for sure Jasmine, we have to provide good content which is useful to the readers no matter how. Once you build up your brand, traffic will increase and money will follow, never worry about money. Focus on content first, and money at last.

  2. Nice Post Lee. I am also face same problem as Priyangshu told. But now i am running my own blog so hope i can earn money too.
    Thanks for sharing this.

    1. @Amit,
      Don’t worry Amit, keep adding quality content consistently, once your blog drives decent traffic and money will follow in the end. You have a great blog with amazing design, keep it up Amit! Work hard together and hope to see you more often here. πŸ™‚

  3. Ka Hoong, you are right that picking up the right niche and writing is the key to succeed. Many times, newbies focus on making money part, but can’t keep it going. I have been updating my blog for 4 months consistently. I have hard-time to think about good topics and write about.

    1. @Kent,
      Yes, newbies would be more interested into fast money because they don’t know how long they need to work until they see money rolling in, normally it takes times for newbies, I took more than a year and only saw money rolled in. In my opinion, patience and effort are what we need no matter what field we are in. Keep on writing and build up a brand!

  4. Just my passion and vision keep me going. I just share how I make some extra income online and hare the how-to with visitors. I’m growing myself and help others to accomplish. The methods are easy, but taking action and accomplishing it is another story. πŸ™‚

  5. In my country, things are similar to yours. People don’t think of making money online as a right way to earn extra income. They always think of scams, frauds…. There are only a few people who really love, know and start making money online seriously

    1. @Tho Huynh,
      Yes, I believe that people in many other countries would not trust online income, their mind already set that most of the make money online scheme are scams. It’s true that most of the MMO scheme are scams, even myself also experienced once in the back, but luckily I found the one which is legitimate, which is something I’m doing right now. πŸ™‚

  6. I’m from Vietnam like Tho Huynh, and in fact, make money online in my country seems a crazy thing that someone can think, although I really earned my first $1,000 online, however, many people still don’t think that’s a real job. I’m going to read your article on “How I Made My First $100 Dollar Online?” now to learn more on how to make money online with a real case study, I love case study and this can change mind of someone else in my country on making money online.

    1. @Trung Nguyen,
      It’s the same case in my country, most of the people don’t trust make money online. Anyway, there is no harm for us since we don’t lose money even they don’t trust us, we still earn our hard core money online. Don’t worry Trung, just keep on doing what you’re doing now and don’t bother the distraction, as long as you’re happy with what you do. πŸ™‚

  7. Blogging is definitely the best starting point for everyone. It’s easier to setup and easier to do SEO. Monetization only comes after that. There are a lot of ways to make money by blogging,all a beginner need to do is setting up an information blog. πŸ™‚

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