Starting a Professional Blog? Five Things You Need to Remember

A blog is a great way to get noticed in any business today, especially if you work independently or as a freelancer. Photographers, writers, designers and actors can use a blog to direct attention to their work and guarantee themselves more work in the future. If you’re creating a professional blog to jumpstart your career, here are five tips for you to keep in mind.

On a Blog, Design is Everything

While a blog should look great, the most important thing about the design of a website is the ease of navigation. A blog that’s crowded and confusing is far from favorable. Instead, the experts at How to Start your Own Blog suggest to aim for a minimalist and straightforward design that will be simple to follow for even the least Internet-savvy.

Don’t Be Afraid to Show Off Your Talent!

A professional blog is a place where your talent should shine. Don’t include every little detail about yourself, but don’t be too humble either. Include a curriculum vitae or a list of your credentials somewhere on your blog so that people can see the kind of experience you have. Another good idea for a blog is to include great reviews and testimonials from others. If you’re a photographer, ask past customers (especially if they’re well known) to say something about your work. If you’re a writer, include reviews of your last book.

Find the Best Way to Present Your Work

Keep things interesting, and cater your blog to your own personal career. Post pictures, videos and articles that speak about your best work and show exactly why people should follow your career. Your blog should engage your readers and make them want to find out more. If your career is something you’re passionate about, let that shine through in your posts!

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Keep Your Blog Updated

Don’t direct people to a blog that is outdated and contains none of your current information or work. Keep your readers updated on any new work you’re doing and any developments in your professional life. If you have a blog that contains no new information, it will seem like you don’t care about your work.

Don’t Forget Your Contact Information

This seems incredibly simple, but it’s often overlooked. If you’re a freelancer, you want people to see your blog and offer you work and if your contact information isn’t easy to find, chances are they’ll move on to hire someone else. Whether you want to include a phone number or just an email address is up to you and your choice will depend on the scope of your business. Also remember to include any information that can further connect you to clients or followers, such as Facebook pages, Twitter and other websites or social networking sites.

Remember these five things when starting a blog, and you’ll be guaranteed a more lucrative career. From the basics of designing your blog and remembering to include contact information to keeping your blog updated once you get going, these tips will help you to create a blog that is both visually stimulating and informative!

19 thoughts on “Starting a Professional Blog? Five Things You Need to Remember”

  1. good short but very valuable quotes. design is the first attraction provider, next is making it updated and the perfect navigation these are very essential for a blog. expose your best is what most professionals do. every point of yours is worthy for any new blogger. thank you

  2. Blogging is easy and extremely difficult at the same time. I think every professional blogger have to care and plan exactly like planning and implementing for offline business. Consistency and good discipline as well as proper budgeting.

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  5. Hi,
    Design is the important part of a website because it attract the users but content of a website stay on the page and further open your site. We know that content is the king of a webpage.

  6. Hi Melissa,
    Good post. I need to integrate your second suggestion,Don’t Be Afraid to Show Off Your Talent!, more. I’m going to add more testimonials. Thanks for the post.

  7. I believe quality content and frequent updates is key to running a successful blog. Remember to guest blog on other sites to gain quality backlinks too. When you finally gain pagerank, that’s when you can attract guest bloggers for your site.

  8. I believe that Ryan is right. From experience, developing content first is the key to success. If the content works and draws readers in and they stay on the site, move on to design as well. If you have the content and visitors don’t stay around, refine and change the content/ style of writing until they do. The design should be a long term evolution to match the sites content. Google is always referring to content being king, but it’s always overlooked.

  9. I certainly do believe the design of a blog is really good for the success of any blog and not forgetting contents. Not just any content but readable contents.

  10. Hi Melissa J, Great post! Here i feel Design, Unique Content and Updating regularly are the 3 main things which must be remembered by a blogger before starting a professional blog. Thanks for sharing this great post!

  11. Careful planning and quality contents is a must when you want to achieve your objectives. Content is a very important stuff in your blog. This will attract lots of viewers that will give you a chance of getting traffic to your site.

    Thanks for sharing your post!

  12. I’m newbie at blogging.I have search in google how to starting professional blog and i got this post.This post is complete guide for me as beginner. I will implement these tips to my blog. I’m sure it will work. Thanks melissa for sharing this information

  13. Blog design should be attractive and easy to navigate. It should not take too much time to load pages otherwise it may have negative impact on visitors. Using a reliable web hosting is another important factor when starting a new blog.

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