What is SharePoint? A Beginner’s Guide

Are you using SharePoint to improve your company’s functions? If you’re wondering “What is SharePoint?”, we’re here to help. 

Keep reading this guide to learn more about what SharePoint is and how it could benefit your company. Find out if this is the right tool for your company today. 

What is SharePoint? The Basics 

SharePoint is a collaborative platform that is web-based and highly customizable. This tool integrates with Microsoft Office to help companies develop a centralized, secure, and simple document management system. This tool is used to increase the productivity of an organization while making it easy for employees to safely access important work-related data from any location. 

Many companies choose to use SharePoint because it is a highly customizable tool so that you can streamline and automate your key company functions. This tool makes it easy for your team to share information and track processes while being able to edit and manage documents to work on projects. This tool can also be cloud-based or on-premise. 

With this collaboration system, companies can easily connect employees with the documents they need as well as the information, people, and projects they need to access to reach company goals. This is a great way to fill gaps in company-wide communication by using technology that distributes data safely within the organization. This allows your company to work closely with projects without interruptions or roadblocks. 

How SharePoint Works 

Luckily, this tool is an incredibly easy one to learn and navigate which makes it easy for your team to learn how to use SharePoint to collaborate without needing to be incredibly tech-savvy. There are a lot of extra tools you can use within this platform that you can learn how to integrate from doing some extra research or by taking a SharePoint training course. These tools can help you improve your business processes and maintain the integrity of your team’s work. 

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In SharePoint, you can require approval on documents before they become visible on the platform. You can also set up notifications that will let you know when there have been changes or edits made to a specific document that your team is working on. These tools can be helpful for all company types but may prove especially useful for remote teams. 

Additionally, employees can use OneDrive to store private work that they don’t want to share with the entire team. They can also share the private documents from OneDrive to the collaborative platform if they wish. There are also ways to add metadata to files that allow for organizing, sorting, and tracking your business content, which is great for a company looking for a content management tool. 

Use SharePoint to Boost Productivity

Now that you know the answer to “What is SharePoint?”, you can determine whether or not this tool would be one that your company could benefit from. This tool allows for seamless collaboration and communication for teams that are looking for a secure way to exchange data and documents. 

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