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Guest blogging is one of the effective ways to build one way dofollow quality backlinks, it improves your site’s search engine ranking and build up your brand as well. Google has been revising the search engine algorithm for many times and they stressed that they want quality article and natural backlinks, therefore guest posting becomes the best way to build one way quality backlinks.

What Is The Benefit Of Guest Posting?

  1. Organic / Direct Traffics – Relevant readers.
  2. Maximum Blog Exposure – Exposing your blog to public.
  3. One Way Dofollow backlink – Improving search engine ranking.
  4. Get Featured for FREE!

Simple Requirements

It’s simple to get your guest post approved and published on this blog as long as you follow these simple requirements while submitting your guest post :

  1. Article must be related with Blogging Tips, Social Media, Traffic Tips, SEO Tips, Brand Building, Content Creation, Internet Marketing, Home Based Business, Tech News and etc. As long as the article is related to the niche, I don’t see any excuse to reject your article.
  2. A minimum of 500 words each article.
  3. Maximum 2 outbound links.
  4. Article must be uniquely written by you.
  5. Article must be exclusive for this blog only, which mean you can’t post it to anywhere else.

I will edit your post if necessary, but most probably I won’t. I believe that you will contribute useful and unique article. Bear in mind that self promotion is strongly not recommended because I have given you credit at the end of the post.

How To Get Started?

  1. Register as a contributor – Register Here
  2. Update your profile (Name, website, password, etc).
  3. Update your Gravatar is a MUST to ensure that you’re genuine guest blogger, either an image or your photo.
  4. Write an article by following the requirements, choose relevant category, and use relevant tag.
  5. I’m happy to allow you to place maximum 2 links at the end of your article, the format should look like this. You’re required to follow the format and write your description with maximum 2 links.

    Guest Post by Lee Ka Hoong :
    Lee is the founder of BloggingWP.com and he writes about blogging tips that help people to build a successful blog.

  6. Hit Publish!
  7. Your article will be reviewed before it goes live. It usually takes 1 days depending on the number of guest posts in queue. I’ll email and inform you when I schedule your post, and I’ll also email you once the post goes live.

Kindly take note that we don’t publish all submitted guest articles. There are many factors but the approval rate is pretty high for genuine pieces, so don’t be too concerned.

Again, thanks for your contribution and we appreciate your hard work!

Lee Ka Hoong

I'm struggling to find the place to update my Gravatar?
@Ching, For Gravatar, you need to register at Gravatar site with your email address, and the gravatar will display if you use the same email address in Wordpress. :) Let me know if you find any problem about this.
Thanks, and done ;)
Thanks for providing the guest posting facility. I saw too many sites with no guest posting facility. I hate such sites and i love the sites with guest posting feature.
Hi Hoong, You had a really nice blog here, i wonder if we could exchange an article on my blog, let me know~ Kind regards Axel
Hi Ka Hoong, Congratulations on the beautiful website here. I'm inspired to see people from Malaysia doing well on the blogosphere or even making a living off the web. Wish you success! Samuel Chan
I want to do that in my blog, but currently I'm getting only 20 - 40 visitors a day. Does it worth a try? Will I have anyone interested in writting for me? Of course, I'll give the author all the credit.
Sandra Weinberg
Hello There, My name is Sandra and I'm a professional blogger. I have over three years of experience writing for the web and have covered plenty of topics about Automobile Industry. I noticed that you have a blog and was wondering if you would be interested in allow me to write relevant, useful topics about Automobile Industry on your blog at no cost. At this point in my writing career, I simply want to get more visibility for your writing and I will write for free as long as you are okay with me adding a small author bio section next to each blog post about myself. Please let me know if you're interested and if you'd like for me to submit a sample blog post for your approval. Thanks a bunch, Sandra

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