3 Tips To Get You Started With A Google Adwords Campaign For Your Adult Site

Marketing for an adult website is difficult. There are restraints on where to promote and how to promote. But as an adult site owner, you need to attract more traffic and an audience interested in adult products and services.

The easiest way to do this is by advertising with search engines. Adword marketing works by investing in keywords, and your website will appear whenever someone searches that keyword.

When starting your Adwords campaign, there are tips and tricks you should know. These guarantee your campaign will be successful and you’ll receive the best ROI.

For better exposure, here are 3 tips when starting your Google Adwords campaign.

1. Know What Your Customers Want

The customer demand for an adult site is pretty simple: sex. But anyone in the adult industry knows there are multiple fetishes, kinks, products, and trends in the sex industry.

Other adult sites may also attract a different clientele than your website.

If you host an adult product site, promoting products such as love eggs will help boost your customers looking for sex toys. But this strategy may not work for a website hosting adult videos and images.

When starting your Google Adwords campaign, know what your customers want and what is trending.

2. A Little Math Is Involved

When choosing keywords for your campaign, you need to use a little math to choose the most profitable words.

The formula is simple; you need to pay attention to two numbers: your max CPC and the CPC of the keyword you’re choosing.

The best way to determine this is by making sure your max CPC is higher than the CPC of the keyword.

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If the keyword is $4 and your max CPC is $5, you can use the keyword to advertise. But if your max CPC is $3 and the keyword is $10, it’s not a good idea to advertise with that keyword.

3. Competitor Research

Finally, check and see how your competitors are ranking. When looking at keywords, search them in Google and see if any competitors are using that same keyword in your campaign.

This has its benefits and disadvantages. Using the same keywords as your competitors mean you can gain more exposure, the keywords are effective at promoting adult sites, and more customers are searching them.

But using the same keywords can also set up a higher competition. But there’s a good chance your competitor has a stable marketing plan. Your goal is to compete with them for better exposure.

Increase Brand Awareness With Your Google Adwords Campaign

As an adult site, you need to find ways to attract your market. There are advertising obstacles, but you can effectively advertise with Google Adwords.
Using the best keywords will help your target audience find your adult site.

Knowing your market, your CPC, and your competition is key when developing your campaign.

Don’t let adult advertising obstacles stop you from developing a great marketing technique. Use these tips and create a profitable marketing campaign.

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