4 Cybersecurity Tips for Small Businesses

As a business owner, you need to pay attention to the security of your business. Small businesses aren’t immune from cybersecurity threats. 43% of all data breaches include small to medium-sized businesses.

Do you know how to keep your business safe despite this fact?

If you don’t want to expose your private information (and the information of your customers), you need to improve your cybersecurity. Keep reading to learn our top cybersecurity tips for small businesses.

1. Consider Managed IT

When it comes to securing a website or any other online business needs, some small business owners worry that they don’t have the time or money to do it right. 

Hiring IT professionals is expensive, and even getting the proper resources (like great antivirus software) can be pricey. They may also not be able to keep up with routine updates (which are crucial for cybersecurity). 

Why bother with all of that trouble when you can hire managed IT services? These services can help you with all of your tech needs, including online security.

Check out this managed security service as a great example. 

2. Do Routine Training

Did you ever train your employees on the best practices for cybersecurity? 

If you do, it was probably only at the beginning of their employment, right? That isn’t enough if you want optimal small business security.

Make employee training a routine event. You can do it once or twice per year to make sure that employees are well-versed in cybersecurity. It’s also good to do it every time you start using new technology.

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Don’t just expect your employees to know how to take precautions against hackers and other security threats. It’s your job as an employer to train them. 

3. Separate Work and Home Devices 

If you allow employees to work from home or if you have them use their home phones for work purposes (or if you do so yourself), it’s time to make a change. 

If you’re doing leisure activities, like social media, while you’re on your work computer or phone, you’re opening yourself up to more threats.

It might seem too expensive to give everyone work devices, but if you work with sensitive information, it’s a good idea. It’s more expensive to experience a security breach. 

4. Do Backups Frequently 

How often do you back up your files and information? 

Having frequent backups might seem too time-consuming to be a worthwhile cause, but not backing up your information could cause long-term damage. You can lose valuable information or have a serious IT blackout on your hands. 

It’s helpful to set up automatic backups to make sure that your information is secure. 

Try These Cybersecurity Tips

These cybersecurity tips are simple but essential for small business security. Why put your information (and the information of your customers) at risk by being too lax with your security? 

These simple changes will amp up your security game.

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