How to Build an App for Your Business

Do you want to take your business to the next level? Then it is time to develop and launch a mobile app.

By and large, this is one of the biggest trends in American business today. In fact, the mobile app industry is worth nearly a $100 million dollar annually.

Mobile apps provide businesses with a direct communication channel with its customers. The marketing possibilities are endless and more likely to reach the customer than other methods.

Read on to learn how to build an app for your business. Developing an app is certain to increase revenue and help build a successful operation.

Hire a Professional to Build an App

If your budget permits it, the easiest option is to hire a software developer or a company that specializes in app development. There are a number of different websites to locate a freelance developer. Both oDesk and Elance are online tools to help find a reputable developer.

Websites like are good for tracking down larger companies. While a large company may be more expensive, the acquired marketing experience will yield a positive return on investment.

Your last option is to hire an in-house software developer. This decision is only feasible if your business requires ongoing technical support or plans a marketing expansion.

Build an App Yourself

A bachelor’s degree in software engineering or computer science is not required to develop a mobile app. It is possible if you are willing to research and learn simple development concepts.

The good news is that there are a number of online tools to help. Both Google and Apple have easy-to-use developers called App Inventor and AppMakr respectively.

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These programs leverage off of the smartphone’s operating system. This means they tap into the mobile device’s standard applications like GPS or messaging.

General Development Tips

In order to be successful, there are a few general rules of thumb to keep in mind. Your mobile app does not need to do too much.

Instead, one widely accepted rule of thumb is to clearly define what you want to accomplish. If you are a content provider, for example, you may choose to integrate your mobile app with a YouTube channel or blog. The goal is to drive traffic to your web content.

A great example of this development tip in practice is the Journal 24×7 Custom Journal App. This app is simple and allows you to easily log all of your activities and hobbies.

Another tip is to keep the app as simple as possible. You have failed if users need to make multiple clicks or conduct exhaustive searches.

Instead, the goal is for customers to purchase an item or access content with just 1 or 2 clicks. Simplicity is key as users will move on if the app is difficult to use.

A great example of simplicity in practice is the Journal 24×7 Custom Journal App. This app is simple and allows you to easily log all of your activities and hobbies.

Lastly, enlist the help of a mentor or technical expert to beta test the app before you make it live. This is a great way to receive constructive criticism and correct any glaring issues.

Wrapping It Up

Do not psyche yourself out when it comes to building a mobile app for your business. Tech companies like Google and Apple have made it easy for the layman to create an app. If your budget allows for it, you can also hire a professional to develop a top-notch app.

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