5 Top Investment Blogs You Need to Check Out

Want to start a blog on how to invest money?

The first thing you need isn’t cash, it’s an education.

If you want to be a smart investment blogger, you need to understand financial options and risks. You need quality information researched by professionals.

No worries. We have you covered. Keep reading to discover the top investment blogs you should follow.

1. Get Educated

There’s a lot to consider when you invest money. Read Money Crashers for an education on investing, and other personal finance topics.

Money Crashers is one of the top investment blogs with articles on every type of transaction. Topics include:

  • Beginner Investment Checklist
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Mutual Funds
  • Corporate and Municipal Bonds
  • Stocks and Dividends
  • Investing for Retirement
  • Capital Gains
  • Tax Consequences

You’ll find information for people at every stage of life, with an emphasis on beginners.

2. Relevant Insights

The Irrelevant Investor by Michael Batnick offers blogs focused on investment research.

Batnick’s blog explains the stock market and current trends in an easy to understand way. Articles discuss everything from market history to market forecasting.

These blog posts are fast relevant clips that explain investing with personality.

You won’t find dry dusty terms here. Instead, you’ll read articles that relate financial investments to everyday life.

3. Investing 101

Learn about investing with the Financial Mentor, Todd Tressider.

The Financial Mentor’s goal is to help average investors gain wealth through education. It’s practical advice anyone can follow.

The site focuses on personal development and financial freedom.

The blog provides a step-by-step plan to build your wealth. Resources include the Investment Strategy 101 Tutorial Guide.

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Financial Mentor is one of the top investment blogs because it offers free books, a 52-week email course, and audio instruction.

You’ll find free online calculators for mortgage, retirement, debt repayment, and investment expenses.

4. Above the Market

Looking for thoughtful insights on investing and the stock market? You’ll get good advice from an industry expert at Robert Seawright’s blog, Above the Market.

Read informative, and fun, insights that cover essential investor topics.

This site explains market indicators, behavioral biases, and tech investment failures.

The articles are longer than most blogs but are engaging and informative. The motto for the blog is: “Information is cheap; meaning is expensive.”

Review the best of the blog page to see the most popular posts.

5. Top Investment Blogs Provide Data

Beyond the how-to aspect of investments, readers want data.

Intrinio puts financial information at your fingertips. The company provides financial data feeds to give investors the latest information.

The application lets you explore options for real-time stock prices or talk with a financial expert.

Intrinio provides financial data in many formats for developers and investors. The vision is to create a collaborative community of data providers, developers, and investors working to change the investment world.

Make Money with an Investment Blog

These top investment blogs illustrate the different styles that make blogs popular.

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