Make That Money Move: The Secret to a Profitable Niche Blog

According to a survey by Hubspot, companies that posted more than sixteen blog posts per month were able to achieve 4.5 times the leads than companies with less than four posts. 

While this is not a hard and fast rule, the trend suggests that a niche blog has the potential to bring a lot of new visitors to your website. But if you don’t know how to capture their attention, your efforts may be in vain. 

Don’t stumble through your blog creation making unhelpful posts, check out these tips for creating the best niche blog ideas.

Set a Goal for Your Blog

If your blog doesn’t have a purpose, then the text will most likely be lost in the sea of information on the internet. You need to have a goal for your blog.

What value are you going to add to the internet world through your posts? How can your thoughts, ideas, and favorite products help make the lives of those around you easier? 

Make this goal clear to your readers through thoughtful and sincere posts that advocate for the things most important to you.

Choose Your Audience

A niche blog is not about appealing to everyone the way national companies try to, instead you’re choosing to craft a blog targeted at a specific audience to get them interested in your product.

For example, Cheerios might do well writing a blog about the ingredients in their cereal and how they make it, but if that information isn’t targeted at any specific customer, then the information will only come up in very specific Google searches.

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While if Cheerios has instead chosen to focus a blog on new moms, they could have talked about all the times Cheerios are a good snack to turn to and what makes them a healthy choice for babies. By reaching this target audience, they are more likely to make a sale.

Brainstorm Potentially Profitable Streams of Income

When you design your blog, you should be thinking about the ways to make it profitable long before you write your first post. 

Your posts should offer the possibility of recommending products, placing advertisements, and potentially the possibility of creating a subscription service for members. 

By brainstorming multiple streams of income for your blog, you will put yourself in the best position to turn a profit.

Give Readers Valuable Information

In order for potential customers to find your business, they need the right 411 information. But contact and location information isn’t the only reason people will visit your website.

They also want to see that you craft creative and valuable content that helps them improve their lives or circumstances. Take the time to think about what troubles your typical customer and how you can make their lives easier. 

Then, shape your blog posts to paint yourself as an expert in your field and direct your readers towards your business ventures and projects. By becoming an expert in your field, you can not only direct more customers in your door but also create a new pool of potential customers by reaching an audience that was previously ignored.

More Ideas for How to Make Money with Your Niche Blog

These tips for starting a niche blog will help you get the ball rolling for your website. But there is much more to learn. Check out more of our posts about blogging today.

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