Becoming a Local Celeb: 3 Top Local SEO Tips for Bloggers

As a blogger, you know your local market is a key part of your audience — but you feel like lately, your current local SEO strategy has been missing the mark. 

In this post, we’re sharing three of the most important (and surprisingly simple) local SEO tips you need to dominate the search engine results pages. 

Read on to rise in the rankings and make more money off your website. You might even become a local celebrity in the process! 

1. Claim Your Business Listings

If you’re like most people, when you want to find out about a product, service, or company, you turn to the Internet. 

You might use third-party listing sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, and Google My Business to help you to read online reviews, understand what a company offers, and find out where they’re located. 

Your customers are doing the same thing with your business that you use your blog to promote.

Work with a local SEO agency to ensure that you’ve not just claimed, but optimized your business listings. 

Fill them with photos, list your opening hours, and be responsive to what people say about you in reviews — whether they’re positive or negative. 

2. Show You Know Local Influencers

Any good SEO proposal that a company offering local search engine optimization services writes for your brand should include mention of influencer marketing.

It’s one of the most important SEO tips because influencer marketing shows that your brand has credibility with all the right people. 

Think about social media personalities, other local businesses, and even local celebrities with a large following on the Internet. Maybe they’re bloggers, Instagram stars, or even a popular business down the road from your own. 

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Find influencers that work in business niches similar to your brand. 

Collaborate with them, and ask them to feature your business on their website and social media accounts. You’ll attract their audiences, in addition to impressing your own. 

3. Hyperlocal Is the New Local

If you’re thinking of working with a local SEO company, ask them about their knowledge of hyperlocal marketing strategies before you commit. 

While local SEO is still key, these days, you need to take things to the next level by going hyperlocal

This means that instead of just using keyword phrases that reference your state, city, or county?

Include keywords that mention your street’s name, the neighborhood your business is located in and even nearby local landmarks. 

Additionally, turn on geolocation services on your brand’s social media accounts.

This makes it more likely that your website and other online presences will show up in the search engine results and social media feeds of those who are already nearby your business. 

Make These Local SEO Tips a Part of Your Strategy

From claiming third-party listings to making sure you take local marketing to a hyperlocal level, we hope this list of local SEO tips has been helpful to you. 

Remember that often, you don’t have enough time — or the knowledge of SEO — to master local SEO on your own. Working with a local SEO company is always a smart idea. 

For more tips and tricks on how to widen your audience and grow your blog’s influence, keep checking back with us.

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