10 Tips How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Setting up a blog is simple, but marketing a blog will take you long time, perhaps a year or two, or even longer. There are thousands of way where you can do to drive traffic to your blog, there’s no shortcut to market your blog, it depends on how many effort you put on marketing your blog, the more methods you do, the more traffic you will receive.

Traffic is an essential and important element for a blog, a blog without traffic is like a restaurant without customers. Traffic equals to money, you can monetize your blog if you have relevant traffic or audiences, advertisers would be happy to advertise on your blog for the traffic you have, the more traffic you have, the more advertisers pay.

10 Tips How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

1) Leaving Comment On Others Blog
Leaving genuine comments on others blog which in similar niche would help to drive some traffic to your blog. When you leave genuine comments, the blog owner will see who’s the people who leave comment on their blog, the blog’s audiences will do the same by seeing who leave genuine comments.

2) Guest Posting
Writing a quality and unique guest post on similar niche blog is the best way to drive traffic to your blog, you can insert a link with your desired keyword into the post, it also builds one way quality backlinks to your blog to improve your search engine ranking. Other than this, it builds a brand for your blog by writing high quality guest post.

3) Link Exchange
It’s an ordinary way to build backlinks, but people exchange link with similar blog to exchange audiences. People don’t use this method because it doesn’t help in SEO ranking anymore, but it may help in driving some traffic, or we call it as traffic exchange.

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4) Tell Your Friends About Your Blog
It’s an offline method, telling your friends and family about your blog. You can tell them about what you do on your blog, how you create your blog and how you make money online (if you do). Of course, don’t forget to give them your blog URL and ask them to pay your blog a visit.

5) Update Your Blog Constantly
No people like to read a blog which has no updates for weeks or months, you need to update your blog with high quality content to keep your audiences visiting your blog from time to time. Updating your blog constantly would help in search engine ranking as stated in the latest Google Algorithm, therefore you drive traffic to your blog indirectly.

6) Holding A Contest
People love contest especially cash contest, holding a cash contest on your blog is the fastest way to drive traffic to your blog with very little investment. If you want to convince more people to join your contest, getting more sponsors who giving attractive prizes for the contest.

7) Giveaway Free Gift
If you give away free gift to your readers such as ebook, t-shirt, Christmas or New Year card, etc, people will visit your blog and get the free gift no matter what it’s, as long as it’s free and people will love to visit and get it even the gift is useless for them.

8 ) Facebook-ing
Facebook is the largest social network on the internet today, using Facebook to market your blog is the easiest way to drive traffic to your blog. There’s some Facebook plugins or tools which will post the updates whenever you update your blog, your friends or followers may click and read what you’re writing on your blog.

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9) Posting Regularly In Forum
There’s some forums which are in internet marketing field such as WarriorForum, DigitalPoint Forum, SitePoint, etc, these blogs have high volume of traffic, or you may find forums which are in your niche. Most of the forums allow you to add a link under your signature, once you add a link with your desired keyword, then you can start posting in the forum such as answering questions, chit chatting, sharing experiences and knowledge, and etc.

10) Building Backlinks And Boost SEO Ranking
This is an indirect way to drive direct traffic to your blog but it’s the most effective way and many people prefer to use this method to market their blog. Dislike direct traffic, direct traffic may just come for awhile or short term. It’s a long term traffic which coming from search engine. There are many ways to build backlinks, for example, guest posting, blog commenting on dofollow blogs, link exchange, forum posting on dofollow forum, article marketing, etc.

Wrap Up

Driving decent traffic to your blog is the hardest part in blogging, you can’t make money online with your blog without traffic. It takes time to market your blog and make it to become an authority blog, you need to keep adding valuable and quality content on your blog and connect with other bloggers to expand your network.

What method that you used to do to drive traffic to your blog?

Image Credit : yellobagman