How I Made My First $100 Dollar Online?

Making money from the internet is not new anymore, many people are doing it on the internet. It’s true that many people are doing the same thing, but the fact is that not everyone can makes money from the internet. Some people make a lot of money, some people earn a few hundred dollar per month, some people can’t even earn a dollar per month from the internet.

Actually it’s not difficult to make money online, it depends on how much money that you want to make from online, some people are greedy, they want to make thousands per month, otherwise it doesn’t call “I can make money from the internet” for them, some people make few dollars per month and they’re satisfied. Nowadays, there are many ways to make money from the internet because more and more networks are created, therefore the opportunity to make money online is getting higher and easier.

Anyway, the most popular way to make money from the internet from years ago until today is Google Adsense, of course there are some other ways that you can make money as well such as affiliate program, selling text links, selling banner ads, sponsored review, and etc.

I’ve been blogging for up to 3 years, but I didn’t make hundred thousand per months from online like those big guns and gurus on the internet, but I do make a living from online income. Today I would like to share my personal experience on how I went through the make money online process, from failure to success, at least I’ll share my personal experience how I made my first hundred dollar online.

3 Years Ago – My Personal Real Story

3 years ago, I created my first blog, a blog that I wrote about my personal rambling, my intention was to make some money online, I didn’t make even a cent after several weeks, then I turned the blog niche to “Make Money Online” which I thought I could make money by writing this, but I was wrong. It’s a very competitive keyword, I didn’t know much about search engine optimization and SEO war on the Google search engine, I didn’t know how to rank well in the search engine, I didn’t rank at all in the first few weeks.

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After several weeks, I got to know a little bit about SEO, I did several things to build backlinks for the blog such as blog commenting in dofollow blog, write guest post and submit to similar niche blog, forum posting in dofollow forum, social bookmarking, and etc. After doing these for few weeks, I saw some improvement on the ranking and I was ranked in page 5, then slowly it went to page 4, 3, 2 and finally page 1, it was at 8th of first page. I used to make money online with Google Adsense in the back, so I thought I would receive some clicks since I already at 8th place, no I was wrong again. It didn’t drive much traffic if you’re not in 1-3 place.

How I Made First $100 Online?

When I found that it didn’t drive much traffic and generate Adsense income even the blog was ranked 8th for the most competitive keyword “make money online”, then I realized that make money online niche was not the right way to make money. I’m working as a Quantity Surveyor in a construction company, I found a lot of information about a product, I did some keyword research, then I went ahead and created a blog writing about the product and optimizing the keyword.

After writing about 20 unique articles for the blog, then it slowly ranked well after several weeks, it ranked for several keywords and it drove quite some traffic everyday. I went ahead and blended several Adsense ads into the blog, it started generating some clicks and earned nearly a dollar per day. After several weeks, the blog had some ages and it ranked even better. The blog alone made me first $100 from Google Adsense within 2 months, I believe that it was considered a good start for a people who just started online business?

Today, the blog still has only 20 unique articles and I didn’t update it for a couple of months, the blog is still ranking well and the income from Google Adsense doesn’t drop. So you see? As long as you have quality and unique content which can help people to resolve their problems and queries, then most probably Google will like and keep it in the search engine.

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Quality Is Beyond Quantity When It Comes To Content

Quantity of article for a article is not as important as the quality of article, for example you have only 20 quality articles on your blog, you can still outrank a similar niche blog which has 100 articles with low quality, quality is always beyond quantity in Google’s eyes.

Until today, I’ve made over $50,000 from online. It’s tough to reach the first $100 mark, but when you found the formula on how to create a website and monetize it, then you will find out that actually getting $100 per month is definitely as simple as eating peanut. Google Adsense is just one of the best ways to monetize your blog, you can use other methods to monetize your blog such as selling affiliate product, selling banner ads, selling text links, writing sponsored review, providing services, and etc.

Recently I created several micro niche websites and mainly concentrate on affiliate product, anyway they’re still under construction, one of the websites has been completed 2 days ago and it already generated a sale, 1 sale itself brought $47 in commission, the result seems good and I’ll keep tracking on the result. I’ll probably reveal how I do it on my coming post.

Wrap Up

Reaching the $100 mark when you first start doing online business is tough, as long as you provide unique and useful resources on your blog, you can easily hit the goal without adding anymore content on the blog, just like what I did for one of my construction related niche blog. Of course, that would be better if you could keep adding useful content on your blog, then your blog will be ranking well for several keywords and drive more traffic. Remember, traffic equals to money.

Did you make your first $100 dollar online? How you made it?

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12 thoughts on “How I Made My First $100 Dollar Online?”

  1. It’s nice to read about how you got that first check, I’d also like to say don’t use Adsense in this niche since all of our readers already know about what it is and how we get paid for people clicking it, the CTR is extremely low.

    Oh and did you design this theme yourself? It looks stunning!

  2. Nice article Lee, very insight about beginning stage of monetizing the website. I am running a a blog and few niche sites but haven’t monetized with Adsense and planning to do so soon. Thanks for the informative article.

  3. Well, this is a good case study for anyone who is a newbie want to make money online with a blog. I just make $3o from my English blog after it was launched 1 month. However, I have no time to write more and more high-quality content for my blog and It was down, so this is a reason that I cannot make any money from my blog.

    Thanks for your story, I learn some thing to make my money from the Internet in the future. :d

    1. @Priyangshu,
      Yes bro, I’ve sold, Yein Jee is the new blog owner now, I believe that he can does better than me. I sold it for some personal reasons. I’ll continue my blogging journey over here, I hope you like this blog as well. 🙂

  4. Hello Lee,
    Congrats for your awesome earnings!
    Traffic is really important!
    Can you tell me the name of your website which earned you $47 in your first sale??

  5. Hi Lee,
    Your blog post on this particular topic has been very lifting and inspiring for me.
    It does show that persistence and doing things in a smart way pays.
    I am not setting any HIGH goals for myself just yet, but nevertheless, I am keeping my mind in check and will be sure to improve and advance forward gradually based on results.

    Thank you and keep up the good work.

    1. @Seed,
      Yes, persistence and patience is the only things that pay off, keep doing what you’re doing now and don’t quit when you face failure, keep trying and you’ll be successful in future!

  6. I just started monetizing my site. Quite inspiring article. I’m still struggling driving traffic to my site. Not sure when I will make 100$ though!

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