How I Doubled My Online Sales To $20,000 Per Month?

When I started my blog in 2006 my main source of income was Adsense which used to bring me 4 dollars/day on the good days!

I did my best for more than a year to squeeze more money out of my blog but the rate was very slow. It wasn’t like I was able to increase the revenue but the problem was I had to do so much effort to get few more adsense clicks per day.

At this point I realized one thing. If I make 4 dollars per day out of tens of click how much money can I make if I make a single sale per day that brings me $50!

This was the turning point for my blog. I started selling products that are related to my blog and by doing so I generated multiples of the amount I used to make with the same traffic. This was a matter of utilization where I used the same traffic I used to get to make more money.

The journey from the $0 to $5,000 took me more than 2 years. I reached the $5,000 mark in the third year of blogging and I was selling 9 different products at that time in addition to adsense. When I started making $5,000 per month I kept wondering what do the guys who make $10,000 or $20,000 per month do in order to generate these numbers?

In the beginning I thought about doubling traffic but then I discovered that doubling the traffic is a very lengthy process that requires some time.

So instead of thinking about doubling the traffic I started to look for the other methods I can depend on to increase my sales and that have nothing to do with traffic. This is how I make money blogging throughout the years.

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Ways to Double Your Sales While Getting The Same Traffic

1. Do you want fries with the order?
Whenever I ordered a sandwich at MacDonalds the guys there asked me if I want fries or apple pie with the order. Later I discovered that people can add more to their purchases just when they are presented with a Variety of  products. As soon as a person clicks on the “Buy Now” button of any of your products, ask him if he would like add a related product to his cart. This action can increase your sales by a very large percentage instantly.

2. Create a subscription area
I sell more than 10 ebooks that cost 20 dollars each but I discovered that most people buy an ebook or two then do nothing else. I thought about starting a membership program that costs 20 dollars per month and as a result I managed to get more money out of the same visitors. When you create  a successful membership site your earnings will grow exponentially each month.

3. Increase the price of your products
Contrary to common beliefs people sometimes think of cheap products as low quality ones. If you increased the price of your products instead of making them cheaper than people wont only believe you are selling Good stuff but they will pay you more as well. A 2 two increase is affordable to almost everyone. Those 2 dollars can result in a 20% increase in sales if the average price of your product was 10 dollars.

4. Increase the conversion rate of your pitch pages
If the conversion rate of your pitch page increased from 1% to 2% then you will actually double your sales! Use testimonials, remove distractions from these pages, make the page scan-able and use videos to increase the conversion rates. The combination of these actions will certainly help you sell more products.

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5. Create many products
Some customers might like a product and buy it, others might like a second one and a third group of customers might find a third one appealing. In other words, the more products you create the more likely you are to sell.

Final Words

In order to become a successful blogger, you need years of hard work, dedication and commitment. You also need to be passionate about the topic you are writing about else you will find no fuel to move on when you fail.

All successful bloggers failed many times before they success but because they were passionate about what they do, they reached the level of success that you can see today!

Guest Post by M.Farouk Radwan :
M.Farouk Radwan is the founder of FansTap. The ultimate source for fortifying your social media presence. You can also join his free online money making course.