Pinterest SEO Tips To Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

Whether you have a personal blog you would like to promote, or if you have a small business that you are interested in expanding with an online presence, you can do so by using Pinterest.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is an online social networking that is quickly growing and expanding rapidly. The network consists of uploading photos, sharing and saving links, and growing websites, blogs, and specific articles through groups of people with specific interests and even by searching.

Pinterest is free and easy to use and allows you to register within just a few minutes, giving you your very own account. Users are able to make their very own collections of “pinned” items, virtually discovered within the Pinterest communities. If you are an uploader of content yourself, you can make folders and categories that represent your website such as “Tutorials”, “Recipes”, “New Releases” or even “Articles and News”, giving your website its own virtual hub directly on Pinterest.

How Can Pinterest Help With Expanding a Business or Growing a Website?

You can use Pinterest to advertise a new recipe you have posted on your blog, or even to share freebies and discounts which will help to get views and visitors directed to your site’s URL. When users search for specific keywords that are relevant to your site and its content, they can easily find the item or article they are searching for. When you title your Pinterest links properly to coordinate with your website, you are then properly using SEO, also known as search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a method used online to help with growing websites and URLs within search engines including Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

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When others who are browsing Pinterest “pin” or save your links, they also have the option to share the link to their own Pinterest boards. Anyone following them will view your link, rapidly giving exposure to the content and articles you have to offer on your site. The more re-pins you receive on Pinterest, the more exposure your link and URL will receive within search engines. When your titles match the titles on your blog, you are also improving the SEO in your website simultaneously.

Implementing SEO With Pinterest

It is simple to implement SEO with Pinterest when you have a registered account. When you upload new content to your Pinterest account, title the content with the same title used on your website or on your blog, to help with matching for search engine results and for SEO purposes. Researching trending and “hot” keywords is possible by using tools from Google and other online keyword-comparing tools and services. Finding and pinpointing keywords when uploading to Pinterest will give you more chances of finding genuinely interested users who are searching for the content, services, and products that you have to offer.

Understanding Your Market

Using Pinterest and SEO to help you with growing your website and building a brand is an inexpensive method of allowing you to reach a larger audience without having an extensive advertising and marketing budget available. Also, you do not have to be a professional in order to use Pinterest, as it is a completely free service, making it accessible for personal or business purposes.

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Understanding the target demographic and market you want to appeal to will give you the best chance of appealing to the age group, gender, and group with the same interests as your brand when you begin to use Pinterest. If your company is professional and offers modern-looking products or services, be sure the graphics and online presence you use when uploading to Pinterest to represent your website and brand are relevant and match the color scheme or theme you are using.

Wrap Up

Pinterest is an incredible tool and you need to invest a little time to learn your way around it. Don’t forget to use some kind of tracking software, such as Google Analytics, to find out how visitors are interacting with your content and what drives them to your pages. This will provide you with great deal of insight to improve your Pineterest pages even further.

Guest Post by Jimmy Reynolds :
Jimmy Reynolds is an experienced copywriter and online marketer with over 15 years of experience under his belt. He has consulted and written for many large brand advertisers and currently is working with Verizon on their new Fios Deals.