How to Plan for Your Blog Using a Journal Diary

There are many note-taking apps but what some find most effective is a journal diary of ideas. A better way to incorporate all ideas throughout the day versus a huge list of thought snippets.

In a way… it’s like blogging about what you’ll blog.

The “creative flow” you get when you’re dialed into something interesting is very real. You want to capture those moments of inspiration. This is post shares what you’ll like about using a journal diary and how it’s done.

Take a Journey through Your Average Day

Rewind the clocks and think about how yesterday went. What thoughts crossed your mind? Or, what fleeting thoughts were entertained. Were there any inspiring activities you could have used to form blog ideas?

Ideas are all around you:

  • An interaction with a stranger
  • An interesting article you’ve read
  • A round of Netflix bingeing
  • An album taking you on a journey

A journal diary filled with media inspires content that becomes the basis for successful blogging. No idea is unfounded if it aligns with your community and content goals.

Think of those inspiring moments and influencers. Make them part of your average day and routine. Do so, and you’ll have a never-ending flow of great content ideas for the blog.

How to use a Journal Diary for Your Efforts

Try this for a day:

  1. Disconnect and remove all distractions
  2. Go about your day like you would on vacation
  3. Keep a journal on hand to write in-the-now ideas

You’ll find this effective because you’re removing the competitiveness from blogging. Yes, deep down you have this anytime you’re browsing other blogs and seeing who ranks for what.

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Removing this competitiveness lets you enjoy free time and explore creative outlets. In these two are ideas unlike your search for keywords. Or, copying what’s out there.

Journaling Is Like Scrapbooking

There are several tools to keep track of ideas:

Effective journaling is like scrapbooking. You add inspiring media on top of the written notes. It’s a lot like how designers will create mood boards to define the mood of their work. In this case, you’re capturing all sensory input in that moment when the idea was formed.

Organizing and Using the Notes

Now comes the challenge of condensing those notes into an action plan.

Divide ideas into three groups:

  • Content
  • Social
  • Platform

Content ideas are then explored through keyword research and feedback. The journal acts as an editorial calendar. Create the content and cross it from the list.

Social is aligned with the content schedule. The editorial calendar you’ve created will dictate when and where content is shared.

Platform-related ideas are divided into short and long-term goals. Such as adding an email list or creating an information product. The journal will act as a mind dump for any ideas and influences. This unedited flow continues to build until these projects until they’re launched.

Your Next Set of Actions

Let’s recap:

  1. Start a journal for note taking
  2. Disconnect and collect ideas influenced by outer sources
  3. Divide ideas into categories based on their use
  4. Use the journal to realize these stellar ideas

You’ll likely experience a creative renaissance with your content creation and blogging efforts. Try it sometime and see what you create.

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