4 Solid Strategies To Increase Your Click Through Rate (CTR)

Are you looking to improve your CTR but not getting the right strategies to work it out? In this article we will discuss all about CTR and the ways how you can increase it to achieve a profitable ad campaign. CTR is the measuring unit that determines the performance of an advertising campaign. Simply put CTR = clicks / impressions x 100 where clicks represents the number of people who clicked on your to view it and impressions represents the number of people who only viewed your ad. The resultant value is the rate that tells you about the performance of your ad. So what’s the good rate you need to achieve?

People says it’s difficult to arrive at a one particular rate and suggest the same as a good CTR. Nowadays a web page is surrounded by ad banners towards the top, bottom, right and left. With a lot of competition around, an average rate of 0.3-0.5 percent indicates that your ad campaign has turned successful. When you achieve a good CTR, you will get the benefit of a reduced cost per click. Search engine ad platforms when recognize a high rate will rank your ad higher at a lower cost per click to reward you for a quality ad.

4 Strategies To Increase Click Through Rate

Now let’s move on to discuss about the strategies to increase your CTR. The important factors that influence your CTR are your keyword strategy and the quality of the ad banner.

1. A well-defined goal and and an identified audience
The first and foremost thing to is to clearly define the goal of your advertising campaign and let the advertiser clearly know about it. This is how you will achieve success in your campaign. There are chances that your advertiser knows very little on click through rates. Once you have defined your goal, identify what type of customers your campaign is going to target. Make sure that your advertisements are relevant to the visitors to your website. People like to click on ads that appear relevant to them.

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2. Targeted keywords
CTR depends highly on the keywords for your ad campaign. A keyword like “shirt” is very familiar or a standard keyword that almost everyone would use to search to buy shirts. This type of a keyword can get you only a few clicks although many people would have viewed your ad (impressions). Create keywords in such a way that you are able to drive potential customers to your ad.

When you create a specific or targeted keyword that describes your product or service like red shirts or white collar shirts, the number of impressions may be less but it will result in a high CTR as the keyword is less competitive and attract people who are specifically looking for a red shirt or white collar shirt. Let your ad be targeted to the specific keywords and you can find your CTR increasing.

3. Banner design
A banner that is well designed attracts the attention of many people resulting in more clicks. A quality banner is recognized by search engines and results in a higher CTR. Ensure that your ad is different and creative. Make use of bright colors, new design and animations on your ad.

Find out how your ad performs on different websites. If required, take the help of a professional to assist you with your ad design so that you can have performing quality ad. Call to action play a vital role on your ad. The best example for this would be the call to action buttons like Buy now, Limited Offer, Click to get discount. The call to action placed on a landing page not only drives traffic to the landing page but also customers who are interested to grab the offer or get the product or service.

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4. Display URLs
Increase your CTR by writing hyper descriptive display URLs with a character limit of 35 characters. Use similar headlines and ad descriptions and find out the rate and then use varying display URLs and find out the rate. Create display URLs which includes your domain name, descriptive text and the keyword.

Hope these four strategies help you to improve your click through rate (CTR).

Guest Post by Linda Jacquelyn :
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