5 Best Payroll and HR Blogs to Add to Your Bookmarks Today

Did you know 47% of HR professionals say employee retention is their biggest challenge? 

For this reason, it’s important for HR and payroll professionals to constantly be learning and growing in their field.

So how do you do that?

One way is to keep up-to-date with modern HR and payroll advice by reading blogs written by experienced HR professionals. 

Here are 5 payroll and HR blogs you can read to improve your skills.

Evil HR Lady

Suzanne Lucas has 10 years of experience working in a corporate, HR environment. 

She founded Evil HR Lady for “demystifying your human resources department” and to prove that HR professionals are, in fact, not evil. 

You will find her blog jam-packed with feedback, tips, and advice for both HR professionals and employees alike.

Evil HR Lady shows that the HR department plays an important role in the company and that it’s possible for employees and HR professionals to work together for the good of everyone. 


Jessica Miller-Merrell spent years as an HR professional before becoming the Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of the Workology blog and the Workology Podcast

She founded Workology to be a “resource destination for HR, recruiting professionals and business leaders.”

On Workology, you will find many resources, advice, and tips for HR professionals.

You will also find HR training and step-by-step SHRM, or Society for Human Resource Management, certification preparation.

This blog is your one-stop-shop for all things HR. 

HR Bartender

Sharlyn Lauby was an HR profession but is now a consultant and the President of ITM Group, a company that provides HR training and consulting. 

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She founded HR Bartender to help HR professionals learn to be better leaders and improve employee engagement. 

On this blog, you will find career advice and resources on recruiting, retention, leadership, management, strategy and HR law and legislation. 

HR Bartender is known for having a friendly vibe while giving helpful advice and encouragement, much like your neighborhood bartender.

Amerian Payroll Association

The APA, or American Payroll Association, was created for “developing payroll leaders through resources, education, and training.”

The APA is a membership site with a free blog that aims to improve the skills of payroll professionals through a vast library of resources and various certifications.

Membership benefits include seminars, conferences and a community of supportive payroll professional peers. 

HR Payroll Systems

Dave Rietsema is an HR professional with a lot of HR experience in many different industries.  

He founded HR Payroll Systems to make the process of finding a good HR system easy and seamless.

On the blog, you will find all kinds of topics to help with hiring, screening candidates, dress codes and employee appreciation ideas.

You will also find smart solutions for HR and payroll professionals like PayStubs.net.

Dave’s goal is to infuse positivity into the HR profession, as a whole.

Payroll and HR Blogs Play an Important Role

By reading payroll and HR blogs, you can improve your skills and find new ways of dealing with employees.

Implement the up-to-date methods and strategies to create the best workplace you can. 

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