Famous on Social Media: 5 Super Famous Instagram Influencers (and How They Got There)

To have a successful blog and online brand, you need to be influential. The number one place to build your influence is on Instagram.

In fact, 69 percent of marketers plan on spending the majority of their budgets on influencer marketing this year.

If you build your community and presence on this platform, you could make lucrative money. Not to mention the notoriety that comes along with being Instagram famous.

For your inspiration, here are five of the most successful Instagram influencers and their stories.

1. Huda Kattan

It all started with a girl and her passion for makeup. Huda Kattan was like the millions of other girls on the internet blogging and posting videos about beauty.

Her tutorials, reviews, and tips on makeup application garnered fans all over the world. She quickly grew her Instagram following to well over 29 million.

With her massive Instagram success, she channeled her efforts into creating her own beauty line, Huda Beauty. Her line is sold in Sephora and many other reputable makeup stores.

2. Lilly Singh

Instagram was an obvious next step for bloggers who started out on YouTube. Lilly Singh was an emerging YouTuber when Instagram came out. The combination of her presence on both platforms contributed to her fame today.

She’s known for posting skits, comedy videos, and inspirational content for her younger viewers. Her message? Don’t be afraid to be yourself and stand out.

Her online success has jumped the line into mainstream media. She’s now the first woman of color to host a late-night talk show in America.

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3. Natacha Akide

When you hear the name, Symply Tacha, you likely think of the hugely famous reality TV star. What you might not know is that this Big Brother Naija contestant got her start on Instagram.

Before TV fame, she had over 400,000 followers on Instagram. Here, she would post dating and relationship advice as well as the occasional video of herself twerking.

When you read up on the Tacha biography, you’ll find her upbringing makes her relatable to most Americans, which aids her success on Instagram.    

4. Kayla Itsines

You can’t search fitness hashtags on Instagram without coming across one of this influencer’s posts. She’s arguably the most famous fitness influencer on the platform.

Kayla Itsines started her career posting videos about fitness and tips for working out. Her friendly personality and expert knowledge of fitness helped grow her following to over 10.5 million.

5. Cameron Dallas

Men have been immensely successful on Instagram, too. Cameron Dallas is one of the most famous men on the platform.

He got his start on Vine and YouTube, then quickly took over Instagram as well. His popularity landed him a Netflix show and massive brand deals.

It doesn’t hurt that his charming personality and big smile make him likable to everyone.  

Ready to Join the Ranks of These Instagram Influencers?

Your blog has the potential to skyrocket your career if you get the right advice. These Instagram influencers show the different paths that are possible.

Use their stories for inspiration and never stop learning about this ever-changing platform.

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