5 Local SEO Tips Small Businesses Can’t Ignore

People love to support local businesses. But too often, the business right around the corner can be the hardest one to find.

Your small business relies on local customers for survival. But on a limited budget, how can you make it easy for your community to find you?

The answer is local SEO. You don’t just want to appear on Google; you want to appear on Google where it matters.

Here are 5 local SEO tips to help your small business.

Optimize Your Website

A great website is a key part of our local SEO tips.

If someone looks at your site, will they be able to tell where you’re based?

Be sure to fill out a contact page. Include your address, phone number, email, and hours of operation. You could even embed an interactive map.

Additionally, your site should be built to make the mobile experience seamless. More people are browsing on their mobile devices than on desktop, especially when they’re out and near your business.

Invest in your website. Don’t be afraid to contact an SEO service for help.

Create Content for a Local Audience

Content creation is one of the most important parts of SEO.

Algorithms crawl through your content, looking for indications of who you are, where you are, and what you do.

Your content should show both search engine bots and actual readers that your company is a reputable authority in both your industry and region.

You won’t be able to localize every blog post. But try to reference local events, locations, and people frequently.

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Creating content for a nearby audience is one of your best weapons to boost your local SERP ranking.

Claim Your Business Page on Search Engines

When you Google a business name, sometimes an info box appears on the right side of the results page. It includes a description, contact info, and a website.

This is done through Google My Business, which allows shop owners to claim their business and share easy-access info for free. Other search engines also have similar features.

But only 44% of businesses have claimed their spot on Google, and even less on Yahoo and Bing.

Don’t waste this free opportunity to feature your business locally.

Create a Presence on Review Sites

88% of people trust online reviews as if they were personal recommendations. Make sure your company has a review presence.

Claim your search engine business page and set up a page on Facebook. These widely used platforms will make leaving reviews easy. You should also claim your business on review sites like Yelp.

You’ll be able to reply to reviews on most sites, so take advantage. Apologize and offer restitution for bad reviews, and show gratitude for good ones. You’ll boost your SEO and public relations all in one.

Pitch to Local Media

Your location likely has a regional newspaper or TV news station. Some classic media pitching is a great way to help your local SEO.

Make sure you have something newsworthy to pitch. Do you have a special event upcoming, or a big announcement to make?

Getting a story written about you will draw local eyes to you, and 92% of people trust earned media more than advertising. Plus, getting linked by a reputable news outlet is great for building your link profile.

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More Local SEO Tips

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