5 Tips on Keeping Your Keto Blog Fresh

Do you run a keto blog and are looking for ways to keep traffic flowing in?

Running a blog that people actually want to read can be a challenge. However, there are ways to keep your blog fresh and interesting.

This article will give you 5 tips on how to run an awesome keto blog.

Read on!

1) Post Food Preparation Videos

We’ve all been guilty of scrolling through Facebook and getting mesmerized by videos of someone mixing ingredients together to make a delicious meal.

People love food, and they love watching it being made.

One way to make your keto blog better is to post videos of you preparing your ketogenic meals.

Videos break up the monotony of long text-filled blog posts and they keep the readers interested.

An engaging how-to video will show your readers how to make your yummy foods and will likely get more converts to the keto diet.

Looking for delicious ingredients to include in your keto videos? Check out https://www.mrketo.com for fresh recipes.

2) Use Listicles

There’s a reason listicles can be found all over the internet, they’re easy to consume and users love them.

In this digital age, you’re competing with millions of other websites for people’s attention. This means you need to present your information in an attractive and eye-catching way.

Listicles make it easy for people to scan through your content. When someone knows they’re clicking on a list of 10 items, they know they won’t have to read more than that.

People like to know what they’re going to get before clicking on an article.

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With a listicle, you give them that assurance.

3) Post Success Stories

Nobody is going to want to follow a keto diet, much less read your keto blog, unless they believe the diet works.

In order to back up your claims, post success stories on your site.

Have a “Keto-er of the Week” where you highlight one person who has had success following a keto diet.

Post their picture and have them write a guest post on how keto has changed their health.

4) Post Recipes

Whenever you talk about a certain meal you ate for dinner, always link to the recipe.

People will want to know exactly how to make the food that you’re talking about when they read your blog.

When operating a blog it’s important you make it as user-friendly as possible.

Make sure the recipes are clearly visible and written in a readable font.

5) Use Quality Links

When you’re running a blog, one of the most important aspects is providing quality internal and external links.

You want to provide internal links that send readers back to your other amazing blog posts so they can learn more.

You also want to provide external links to reliable sources who are experts on the keto diet. This will give your blog the credibility it needs to take off.

Go Run a Killer Keto Blog

With these tips, you should have no problem improving your blog and gain a steady readership.

Remember what people want is visually pleasing content that’s easy to read but still informative.

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