6 Tips on Combining SEO and Facebook for Digital Marketing

Are you looking to drive conversions using your Facebook page? Many people treat social media pages as different from their websites. However, as the first point of contact for many customers, you need to know how to utilize it. 

Creating leads comes from a sound Facebook marketing strategy. Read on as we discuss how SEO and Facebook can work together. 

Use Keywords

Just because you are on Facebook does not mean you should give up on keywords. In fact, they are just as important as if you were placing them in any other content. 

The trick is to spread them throughout your social media marketing and not keyword stuff. Make sure you use different keywords for different platforms, so you are not competing with yourself. 

Use Backlinks

Just like website optimization, optimizing Facebook SEO also includes utilizing backlinks. These are links from another website to your own that act as a nod of approval to search engines. The more backlinks you have and the higher quality they are, the more likely you are to rank on search engines. 

The only difference this time is that you are getting backlinks to point to your Facebook page. Start by writing guest posts or check where your competitors are getting their backlinks from. 

Get a Vanity URL

A vanity URL is a branded URL unique to your Facebook business page. Your page needs at least 25 likes to be able to get one. Not only is it shorter and easier to remember, but it also gives you a degree of authenticity. 

Update Your Contact Information

Many people hold the belief that as social media marketing is done online, contact details and addresses do not matter. However, they are now more important than ever. 

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Firstly, adding your address will mean that it is indexed by Google for local searches. Once you add your phone number and other contact information, Facebook will also index you for local searches. This can help when people search for businesses in the local area. 

Use Facebook Notes

Facebook notes are a way to share news and update with your audience. However, Google itself checks these notes and indexes them if they are relevant. All you need to do is include your keyword in these notes to start optimizing Facebook SEO. 

Focus on Engagement

Engagement is important on a number of levels. It builds relationships between you and your customers. However, when engaging on social media, comments, likes, and shares can push you further up the page rankings. 

Very often, this has a snowball effect. The more people engage, the more people are exposed to the content. These social media tips can also help create more of an audience for your brand and services. 

SEO and Facebook

In summary, SEO and Facebook are not that different from anything you would do on your own website. As it is social media, some people decide to treat it differently. However, with keywords, backlinks, and great content you can use it to create leads. 

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