Why Is Digital Marketing So Important? A Brief Guide

As if digital marketing wasn’t already important, in 2020, we were stuck at home, and our average daily screentime reached over 13 hours.

With more people tied to their phones and computers all day, that’s an excellent opportunity to increase your online advertising and win more customers. Digital advertising is an ever-changing game, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the effort. 

But consumer habits are constantly changing; you need to stay one step ahead of the game if you want to stay relevant. A solid digital marketing campaign could grow your business exponentially if you learn how to do it right. 

Read on to learn why you need a great digital marketing campaign.

Brand Awareness

Whether you’re fighting climate change or selling the elitist, exclusive experience, your digital marketing campaign can help you get across your brand message. 

Using your website, ads, and social media, you can connect with your audience on a more personal level. A brand with a clear message is more likely to be recommended to friends and create loyal customers. 

Beat Competitors 

Everyone is making the most of the perks of digital marketing these days, including your competitors. Your competitors are trying to rank highest on every Google search and get the most views. 

They’ll succeed if you don’t put effort into your digital strategy, stealing all your potential customers. 

Improved Reach

Any digital marketing company will tell you one of the best things about online advertising is the reach you can get. Each type of digital marketing is best for a different kind of reach. 

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Social media is great for the volume of people you can reach; your website can help you get quality views that are likely to convert; adverts can help get your brand noticed and channel traffic to your services. 

Compared to the old days of looking at services in a book at the library or walking into a shop, digital marketing can help you reach millions. 


Digital marketing can be incredibly cost-effective if it’s done right. The cost of digital ads is much lower than traditional advertising methods, and you can reach far more people. 

However, you need to have an efficient strategy to save costs. Consider hiring a digital marketing agency for all the best industry insights to get you the best results.

But, digital marketing services can help with more than cost; check out these other reasons from Eraserfarm.com about why you should hire agency services. 

Improve Your Digital Marketing Today!

That’s the 101 on why you need to have a fail-safe digital marketing strategy.

It may seem like extra work, but it can grow your business exponentially, and it doesn’t need to be boring; take some time to craft fun social media posts that’ll engage your customers. 

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