8 Awesome Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Cars

Every couple wants a happy wedding with all their plans going well. Usually, most of the focus is on gowns, colors, napkins, and cakes. Yet, one thing that makes these events special is the type of wedding cars used.

The type of car is important because it complements the wedding themes and colors. It adds style and glamour to the event while offering spacious room for the couple.

Moreover, it’s not only an opportunity to use a dream car but also serves as a wedding photo background. Others may see such a car as a representation of the couple’s societal status.

If you want your wedding to look different, make different transport arrangements. Keep reading to learn the alternatives to the traditional wedding cars.

Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding Cars

The popularity of wedding shows has led to many weddings looking the same. Sometimes it feels like if you’ve seen one wedding theme, you’ve seen them all.

Nevertheless, you could prevent this from happening to your special day. The wedding cars you choose hold the key.

Here are eight awesome alternatives to the traditional cars seen at weddings:

1. Vintage Cars

Nothing screams elegance more than a 40s to 60s car. We are talking about cars like the Morris Minor or the Royal Windsor. They’ll suit the old school-themed wedding and bring the style from the past.

2. Limo Service

Most people will go their entire lives without ever setting foot in a limo. What better way than to use it for your wedding? Limo companies like Luxe Limo Service provide safe and immaculate cars for weddings.

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These limos come with premium amenities, such as mini fridge and TV sets. They are spacious and provide privacy through tinted windows and driver partitions. Moreover, you’ll have a designated driver for the entirety of your wedding.

3. Horse and Carriage

This is another classic and romantic type of wedding transport. It gives the bride and groom a regal, fairytale look.

4. Tandem Bicycle

If you are a free-spirited couple, then a tandem bicycle will work well for your wedding. It’s the kind of experience to add to an adventure blog if you have one. Plus, it is a fun way to go to your wedding.

5. Tractor-Drawn Trailer

You don’t have to be rich to make this event stand out. Just keep it simple. A good way to do that is to use a tractor-drawn trailer as your wedding transport.

Decorate the trailer and tractor with flowers, ribbons, and other wedding materials. This fits well with a rustic theme for your wedding.

6. Helicopter

Arriving at a wedding in a helicopter is a big statement.

It’s a great way for the couple to make an entrance. It enhances the idea that the day is all about them.

7. Luxury or Super Car

Luxury and super cars also act as a status symbol. They give the bride and groom the chance to arrive in expensive and special cars for their special date.

8. Boat

Using a boat to get to your wedding spot is a romantic and magical experience. The water is calming and the couple can enjoy the views as they head for their nuptials.

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As you can see, going for your wedding doesn’t have to be the same old trend appearing on TV. You can switch it up and make your day special by choosing the right type of wedding car.

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