10 Reasons Why the Success of Your Business Rests on Your Brand Building Skills

While marketing is great, with so much competition out there, you have to stand apart from your competitors. People need a reason to want to buy from you.

That’s where branding comes in. The key difference between branding and marketing is that marketing is what your company does. Branding is who your company is.

Which is why we’re sharing with you 10 reasons why the success of your business rests on your brand building skills.

1. Increases Awareness

Brand building is essential. Your marketing efforts will go nowhere without people remembering who you are.

On average, most Americans are confronted with some type of advertising 4,000 times in one day. Companies have to do something really special in order to stand out.

Which is where branding comes in. It’s a way to state who your company is and what you stand for. People then relate to that message in your content and are more likely to remember who you are.

2. Separates You From Your Competition

Again, 4,000 ads per day mean some of those messages are from your competition. Especially if a customer is specifically looking for your exact services.

You need to find a way to convince a today’s savvy customer that your company will deliver a better service than your competition. Which is where brand building comes in.

Think about McDonald’s versus Burger King. Their menus are almost exactly the same. Yet, their branding is vastly different.

That’s why despite their similarities, there are die-hard fans of each brand.

Branding also helps you create content that improves SEO, meaning search engines are more likely to rank you higher.

3. Brand Building Creates Trust

People don’t buy from businesses. They buy from people they trust.

Your branding efforts should be focused on why people should trust your company over your competition.

Trust usually comes from delivering your product or service the exact same way each time. Customers appreciate knowing they can rely on getting great service each time.

That means building a great looking website. One that looks polished and legitimate.

Even if you’re in the business of selling ranches, like Venture West Ranches, you need to build trust with potential buyers.

That means stunning photography, information about the company, and testimonials from happy customers.

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4. Generates Customer Loyalty

While it’s great to get a customer once, what you’re really after, is customers who keep coming back time and again.

It costs 4 to 10 times more money to acquire a new customer than retain one you already have.

Which is why brand building is so important. It helps you create and maintain customer loyalty.

Your customers know exactly what to expect every time they do business with you. When they refer their friends and family to you, they know you’ll provide the same level of quality service.

Which makes them look good.

They know your brand reflects their beliefs. As they say, “birds of a feather flock together”. The same is true for customers choosing which companies they do business with.

5. Helps Convert New Customers

When your core beliefs match those of your customers, they want to share it with friends and family members. When you provide excellent service each and every time, they’re happy to tell others.

While more people are willing to complain about poor customer service, there are plenty of people happy to sing your praises to anyone who will listen.

Branding building in the digital environment can help convert one-time customers into loyal customers.

6. Is Easy to Integrate Into Your Social Media Presence

Brand building has never been easier to use than with social media. They practically go hand in hand.

Each page on social media will have your logo featured which is a major part of your branding. You’re able to create blogs and videos that talk about your company’s brand that’s easily shareable on social media.

Loyal customers can help spread brand awareness by sharing your content with their followers.

7. Boosts Employee Morale and Job Satisfaction

Your brand should spill over into everything you do. Your employees should be well aware of your brand.

It should be incorporated into everything they do. When your brand’s values are well known and shared by the entire office, it shows.

Take the company Balsalm Brands. They are known for creating realistic holiday decorations and home decor. They want their customers to feel what they feel while they’re at work.

Meaning, happy, passionate, and in love with their designs. The employees are excited to be there and love their jobs.

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It shows in the products they make and helps promote their brand much further than just stating it on their website ever will.

8. Users Help Spread Your Message Online

The internet is a great way to spread your message and your brand. The better brand message you have, the more likely others will want to share it.

Perhaps you’re known for great customer service. People are happy to share their great experience with others on social media.

People are more able to connect online. It’s easier to share their joys with others.

Your brand can easily be spread by others simply by sharing a touching story.

9. Connects You to a Community

As was mentioned earlier, people do business with people, not businesses. That means the customer knows and trusts that when they need to reach your company, they can.

Whether that’s because they have a complaint or a concern, or they just want to thank you for great service. It’s easy to use your brand to build a community.

One where people share tips on how to use your product or services better. One where your company knows who you are and who you’re looking to serve. You’re also able to easily communicate why you’re better or different from your competition.

10. Serves as a Guide to Your Business Objectives

Branding helps you find your “Purple Cow“. It tells you who your company is.

What sets you apart from your competition. It also leads you to find your niche customer base.

Those people who will love your company and quickly become loyal and long-lasting customers.

It helps you figure out your business objectives. Which marketing efforts will work better. Which ones you should avoid.

Branding is the who, what, and why which tells you how to market effectively.

Build Your Brand

Now that you know why building your brand is so important, it’s time to start implementing some branding tools into your marketing efforts.

Everything you do should contain your branding message.

To get started, click here to learn which branding tools will be most effective for your business.