8 Basic SEO Tips To Improve Your Blog

If you are not getting as many readers to your blog as you want to and you are searching for techniques to get masses of traffic to your blog then your search ends here. Search engines are the best way to get free traffic to your blog with the help of quality backlinks and search engine optimization techniques. Search engine optimization is a method of improving quality of traffic on your blog or website by using the organic or natural techniques for targeted keyword. Targeted keyword is the specific keyword which you to use to represent your blog.

For this purpose you can opt for a digital media agency that offers good SEO services. For some extent you can maintain your blog. Below are the some of the basic tips to start your blog and get good rankings in search engines.

8 Basic SEO Tips To Improve Your Blog

1. Provide good quality content
The most crucial asset of your blog is content. It is better if you post once a week and provide good quality content to your readers than 2-3 post a week of mediocre quality. If your readers find good content they will judge your product and service based on what they see. Providing quality content on your blog would increase your target audience and build brand value.

2. Make use of proper titles
Choose the most relevant titles for your blogs as they are the most important factor which affects most to your rankings in the SERPS. Make use of titles which would not only summarise but would also be apt for the content. You can also try title advertising for your site.

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3. Interlink your new blog post to old one
Interlinking of your old blog posts to new ones increases the chances of getting number one position in search results and reduces the bounce rate; make sure you use relevant and effective links to your blog.

4. Use search engine friendly design
Make use of a search engine friendly design. Search engine optimised blogs have better search engine results; the major benefit here is that you can get better search results even if you are unfamiliar with SEO.

5. Develop quality backlinks
Backlinks are effectively like ‘votes’. These backlinks are one of the important factors which affect the ranking of your blog in the search engine results. Ways to get backlinks to your blog:

  • Blog commenting : comment on the blog you linked.
  • Guest blogging : do guest blogs on different blogs in your niche. Try to do at least 3 or more guest post in a month.
  • Article marketing : upload your best content on article directories.

For more ideas, check out this great article about building your first 100 backlinks.

6. Efficient use of keywords
Keywords play an essential role in ranking your blog in search engine results; they should be properly used, free from over or less usage.

7. Submit your content to bookmarking or social media sites
For the promotion of your site or blog you can post your content on social networking and bookmarking sites. This is the most effective method through which you can grab the attention of the target audience without any investing money because the social media and bookmarking sites are free to use.

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8. Images used should be relevant to content
Make use of images related to content otherwise it will effect negatively to the searches and to the search engines. Images should provide the overview of the content and attract target audience. Some images have proven to audience puller.

Wrap Up

One of the best advise would be, if you want to start your blog opt for a simple and efficient URL, make use of WordPress for maximum benefit from SEO. When users find your blog useful with content that is of high quality and unique, it will outstand the rest.

Guest Post by Kate Ford :
Kate Ford is Tech writer from the UK. Catch her @thetechlegend on Twitter