8 Brilliant SEO Techniques for Attracting New Clients to Your Digital Services Business

If you want to grow your brand in a way that is productive, with few mistakes, take the time to learn as much as possible about search engine optimization (SEO).

By knowing some advanced SEO tips that’ll grow your company’s visibility, it’ll be easier for you to compete and bring in customers. If you’re trying to learn the ins and outs, so that you can apply the best SEO techniques, we’ve got you covered.

Use the strategies below to get started with your SEO practices.

1. Make Choosing Keywords Tops on Your List of SEO Techniques

The SEO techniques that you apply should always have keywords as the foundation.

When you need for your site and brand to receive an upswing, you need to first plot out which keywords you’ll use. These are the keywords that people punch into Google when looking for exactly what you provide.

There are lots of tools and databases that you can look into which will allow you to research keywords as you create content. By learning the keywords and using them in a way that isn’t spammy, you’ll have the chance to make your brand more optimizes as a whole.

2. Start Building Links

Next to keywords, link building is perhaps the most crucial form of search engine optimization. You are quite literally increasing your links across the world wide web, giving people more chances to find your content.

In Google’s algorithms, it’s clear that building links and SEO ranking go hand-in-hand.

It is important that you build out your links in a way that is ethical and useful, rather than just spamming the web with irrelevant posts or content. When you have backlinks that are authoritative, worthy and useful, you increase the likelihood that somebody will find your brand and you will have the ranking to show for it.

3. Create a Blog and Publish on a Regular Basis

As popular as blogging is, it is still the Holy Grail of search engine optimization that not enough people are taking advantage of.

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Creating a blog costs you nothing, and with a little bit of labor, creativity, and TLC, you can be at the forefront of any industry in terms of web visibility. By writing about things that you are passionate about and that people connect with, you will not only increase links to your brand, but you will also grow your name recognition and trust with the public.

The key to blogging, however, is frequency.

It is not enough to simply have a few good ideas and put them out there. You will need to have an overarching theme and make sure that you stick to it for as long as you own the blog. For best results, you should be publishing blog content four to five times per week in long form.

Today, Google and the public are responding to blog posts in the 2,000-word range. This means that you need to have content that is a bit more valuable than before so that people feel compelled to read it from beginning to end.

Setting up your own blog is a great outlet for you to build your brand and get people to trust it. Since you are providing them with lots of value and information, you can increase your subscribers and ensure that people have a reason to check out your site regularly.

Without a blog, your site is far more static. A blog gives people a reason to check you out every week as opposed to only when they need your services.

Research the popular blog platforms and figure out which one is best for your style and workflow. Continuously upgrade the template and format so that it is pleasing to the eye and easy-to-navigate.

Learn all that you can about content creation so that your blog offers people a lot of value.

4. Look Into Getting Your Own App

When you have your own mobile app, it is easier to connect with your audience.

People use their mobile devices more often than not, so having an app can be even more valuable than a website. It buys you space in someone’s daily or weekly life and gives them a reason to seek out your content.

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5. Get Your Face In Front of a Camera

Building true brand equity will also make your SEO take off. One of the biggest outlets to build SEO today is YouTube.

More than 70% of people today access YouTube on their phones regularly. Create some crystal clear video, matched with awesome sound, and post it to YouTube on a regular basis.

This way, you’ll get great traction in search engine results, while reaching your public.

6. Hire Someone to Conduct a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Audit

There’s always a time that you need to take a step back and let the experts assess your work. Search engine optimization is fluid, so you will need to keep making changes and avoiding errors.

Many companies that specialize in SEO and digital branding can help you avoid these mistakes. For instance, this website offers people a digital framework that can help you build your brand.

Find someone you trust and get the work that you need.

7. Check For Any Website Errors

Website errors aren’t uncommon, but they are killers to your SEO progress. If your page is littered with 404 Errors, broken links and other setbacks, it will hamper your optimization.

Click and double check every single link to be on the safe side.

8. Make Infographics and Post Them Frequently

Finally, people are more responsive than ever to visuals.

You can draw people in today by using infographics. Make sure that they are packed with valuable data and information, and use them across different social media platforms to make sure that they are gaining traction.

Make SEO One of Your Biggest Priorities

When you want to grow your brand, SEO techniques need to be one of your greatest priorities. Use these eight tips to help you set a solid foundation.

Stay tuned to our blog for SEO tips that can help your business.