Business Tips: 10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

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Starting a blog can be a great choice for businesses of all kinds and offers many benefits that you may not realize. Building a blog can offer a great return on its investment and can change your business for the better.

If you’re wondering if blogging may be right for your small business, look no further. Below we’ll give you our top 10 reasons you need to start a blog for your business.

1. Improve Brand Awareness

One of the greatest benefits of blogging is that it will allow you to build your brand and increase awareness of your business.

When visitors land on your blog and read a post, they’ll also often click to your main website as well. If your posts get shared and get some traction on social media or in other industry blogs it can also be a big help.

By blogging, you’ll be getting your brand name in front of many eyes that wouldn’t have seen it had you not started adding to your blog.

2. Establish Your Authority

Going along with the last point, not only will you be building the awareness of your brand but you’ll also be establishing yourself as an authority in your industry. When you create and share value-packed posts based on your industry and your area of expertise, you’ll become an authority of the industry.

This is exactly what you want if you’re ready for your business to thrive. Establishing expertise is the perfect way to get more customers and clients and to build that level of trust and reliability that is sometimes difficult to achieve.

3. Earn Google’s Respect

One of the best things about blogging is that it allows you to become more valued in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

When Google sees that you have plenty of valuable and informative content on your blog and website, it encourages them to place your website higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).

They’ll see your website and blog as a place of value and may give you an extra boost in search rankings or even help you become one of the first businesses listed when people search for your services in their local area.

4. Get More Visitors

As a result of Google paying more attention to you, you’ll get a lot more web traffic coming your way. More visitors will be able to find your site when they enter a search term.

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When you have more content on your blog you’ll have more opportunities to get a visitor. Then, because Google appreciates the content as well they may want to place each of these pieces of content higher in rankings.

Once your site builds enough authority you may just notice that you’re getting a lot more traffic to your site, while doing much less than before.

5. Expand Your Network

Blogging is a great way to get new customers, clients, leads, and business contacts.

Because it can allow you to show your expertise and bring in new traffic at the same time, you’ll be able to get more interest in your business and expand your network in big ways. You’ll likely also be able to get more email subscribers and social media followers as a result of your blog.

A blog post is a great way to introduce your business to potential customers. Just make sure to add a call-to-action (CTR) at the end of each post to encourage a customer to join your email list or follow you on social media.

6. Build Internal and External Links

When your business has a blog it can do wonders for building a quality linking strategy. Getting good links from authority sites in your industry is important as is linking internally between the different pages on your website. Both of these types of links can be a big help for your business website.

These links help Gooogle to see the importance of each page on your site and can help improve your rankings. External links can also be a good way to get new visitors directly to your site, and often the most relevant ones who may be interested in your services.

7. Create a Relationship with Customers

Another great thing about blogging is that not only will you be promoting your services but you will also be building a stronger relationship with customers and clients.

Blogging allows you to stay on the radar of your clients. It can allow them to get better insights into your business and the people behind it. You’ll become much more than just a brand name in their eyes. You’ll become a living, breathing business with some great people behind it.

Along with social media, a blog is one of the best ways to build a lasting relationship with customers.

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8. Positively Impact Your Social Media Presence

When you add a blog to your business website, you’ll also positively impact your social media presence. When used together, there is no better way to smoothly market your services while also providing value and building a relationship with customers and clients.

Blog posts serve as great content to post to followers on social media accounts. But a great blog post can also encourage readers to follow you on social media as well.

9. Answer Customer Questions

Blogging can also save you time in your everyday activities as well. If your business may be bombarded with common questions throughout the week regarding your services or products, a blog post is a great place for you to answer some of these most common questions and concerns.

If a customer doesn’t realize they need your product yet, a blog post can also be a great way to explain how your product can improve their lives in some way.

You’ll be able to answer many questions upfront and this can allow your salespeople to do a bit less each day. They won’t have to spend as much time explaining the very basics of a product or service or why a customer may need it.

Check out this site for a great example of how a blog can successfully answer customer questions and concerns.

10. Save Money on Other Marketing Methods

While it can take some time to see the full effects of blogging, in the long run, a blog can help you save money in terms of advertising and marketing costs. While traditional advertising methods can cost a hefty sum, blogging is free to do. All you need is a bit of extra time on your hands to get started.

Then, once each blog post is in place it will stay there. Each blog post will continue bringing in new web traffic and potential customers for a long time to come.

Implementing Blogging For Business Tips

Even today, blogging remains a great choice for a small business of any kind. If you’re wanting to experience the benefits above, blogging is an effective and easy-to-use tool that can change and influence your business in some very big ways.

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