Get Rich or Die Bloggin’: How to Monetize Your Blog

Are you looking for the best ways to monetize your blog? If you have started a blog as a hobby but want to see it actually bring in income for you there a few things you need to know.

Take a quick look at some of the best tips for ways to make money using your blog.

Create Excellent Online Content

The first step in learning how to become rich through your blog is to create amazing content. You can’t expect to have people to buy into anything you could potentially sell them if your original contest is poor or average at best.

Knowledge is everything in the entrepreneurial world so finding a few books to read to improve your writing style can be an amazing investment.

One major technical tip is to write larger posts whenever possible. Google has a knack for ranking posts with 2000+ words easier than a post with 700 words, so if you can make your pieces longer definitely go for it.

Sell a Digital Product

Once you have started creating content that will amaze the visitors of your website, you should consider creating a digital product. This can come in many forms, including checklists, sales pitch templates, or a planner/organizer.

This can quickly help your blog passively generate income, and if you don’t create a digital product you are looking to solely rely on advertising space and affiliate marketing as your biggest sources of income.

Offer Ad Space to Vendors

While reading tips on how to grow your blog and monetize it, you may see a lot of suggestions about using Google Adsense. This can be a good way to bring in money from your blog if you have thousands of visitors each month.

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However, if you are starting out small it doesn’t make sense to waste that ad space for a few pennies per month. Instead, offer ad space on your website to vendors that would be directly

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Your social media pages can be used not only to promote the latest products or any affiliate links you may want to share but can be great ways to bring organic traffic to your website.

If you are selling a service or a digital product promoting it on a social media platform geared towards your target audience is online marketing basics.

If you can find a way to promote your product to visitors who may not be directly related to your niche that’s an even bigger victory.

Learn How to Monetize Your Blog Today

So now that you have learned how to monetize your blog with a few simple tips, what steps will you take to put the plans into motion? If you are considering a social media platform try sticking to one directly, to not overwhelm yourself with posting on three or four sites each day.

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