How Can I Optimize the Speed of Formulas in My Excel Workbook?

Excel is one of the most useful and widely recognized tools that people use in different industries. Not only is it a great mathematical and accounting tool, but you can also use it to create charts and graphs, brainstorm, and set up processes that will help your company grow. 

It is difficult to get the most from your Excel use if you are allowing your software to get buggy and slow. What can you do to fix it?

We’ve got you covered. 

Use the tips below to get the most out of your Excel workbook by speeding up its performance. 

Learn How to Speed Up Excel Workbook

If you can speed up your Excel workbook processes, it’ll be more responsive and your company will have access to a valuable tool. 

When you make use of C# Excel, for instance, you will have access to worksheets and code samples that will prove productive for you. Here are a few other ways to speed up your Excel workbook. 

1. Stay Away From Linking to Other Workbooks

Linking to outside workbooks can create hindrances with the way that your software responds. Not only does this alone slow things down, but you will compound the problem if you have links that are broken or bad. 

Build out your workbooks without the use of outbound links and it should immediately streamline your progress. 

2. Make Efficient Use of Tables

Tables can be a lifesaver when you are trying to speed up your Excel workbook. 

Take the time to check your data routinely so that you’re getting the most accurate numbers. From here, you can create tables in whatever way is the most effective. 

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For instance, you can create structured tables to smooth out some problems with performance. Pivot tables can also be helpful to you — particularly if you are dealing with huge amounts of data. 

3. Take Advantage of Manual Calculations

Switching to manual calculations is yet another way to make your software speedier. 

It’s simple to activate this mode by toggling through your options menu. A lot of files start moving slowly because automatic calculations are on, and each of these calculations can become taxing and time-consuming for the software. 

4. Include Helper Columns When Necessary

Array formulas can start to add up until your workbook becomes cluttered. Including helper columns will let you avoid these formulas, for the betterment of your software. 

You can create any number of filters or lists that will be helpful. 

5. Optimize the Use of Your Formulas

Finally, being meticulous about your use of formulas will help speed up your workbook. Learn the art of writing your own formulas, rather than simply depending on the stock formulas that the software platform uses. 

You should also keep these formulas in a separate sheet so that you can debug it point by point in the event that something goes wrong.

Speed Up Excel Workbook on Your Terms

The tips in this article will help you to optimize the use of Excel workbook by making it run faster. When you learn to master Excel, it’ll help your company become more efficient altogether. 

Come back to learn more about technology and how to get the most from your business practices. 

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